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Eugene Weekly : Views : 10.12.06

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The Power of Money

Historic ballot measures confront a broken system.


A common assumption is that Oregon is relatively progressive compared to states such as Alabama and Mississippi. This perception, however, takes a direct hit when the issue comes to big money influence over elections. Our state is now one of only five in the entire country that have no limits whatsoever in regard to campaign spending. On Nov. 7, voters will have the chance to step out from a dark age of unlimited spending by special interests which has polluted the legislative process and stifled the will of its citizens. Two ballot measures — 46 and 47 — will be presenting this historic opportunity. [Read More]



Cool Prayers

Atoning for our climate sins


I was fading. At 1 pm, I had been fasting for 17 hours, like much of the Temple Beth Israel congregation seated around me. I put my head on my husband Steve's shoulder and closed my eyes, letting the familiar rhythm of the ancient Hebrew language wash over me while the sun warmed my chilled body. [Read More]


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