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Eugene Weekly : Movie Review : 10.19.06


Piece by Piece

Putting 9/11 together

9/11: PRESS FOR TRUTH: Directed by Ray Nowosielski. Based in part on The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson. The Disinformation Company Ltd., 2006. Not rated. 125 minutes.

The ambitious 9/11: Press for Truth follows two central stories, that of the so-called "Jersey girls," New Jersey women widowed on 9/11 who had questions about their husbands' deaths and were instrumental in the formation of the 9/11 Commission, and that created by author Paul Thompson, whose The Terror Timeline uses stories from numerous sources to paint a larger picture of the events of 9/11 than is often presented. Thompson, whose timeline began as a website before being published in book form, pieces together story after story, offering a composite that will either seem familiar or shocking, depending on your level of media saturation. There are a few embarrassing shots of administration members bumbling their way through press conferences and interviews, but the film isn't meant for a laugh; it's much more interested in how evidence stacks up, for example, against Pakistan.

What makes this film's combined story particularly interesting is that it's not based on conspiracy theories or reports from unknown sources; it's based on stories in the major news media. So it's a bit odd when the film then changes tack again, taking on the question of why the media haven't pushed harder for answers. It's a legitimate complaint, and, like the story of the eloquent, determined Jersey girls, one that could fuel a separate film or two. But coming at the end of 9/11: Press for Truth, this line of investigation somewhat derails the film, which depends on stock news footage and information garnered from major news sources to give weight to its points. It's a distracting close, but if you can overlook it (and ignore the heavy-handed score), Press for Truth does have, at its heart, important points: Five years later, we don't really know what happened or what's still happening. And our government needs to be held accountable.

9/11: Press for Truth plays at 7 pm Sunday, Oct. 22 at Cozmic Pizza


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