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Eugene Weekly : 10.26.06

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Best of Eugene 2006-2007

Our annual readers poll of everything that is good in Eugene.

News Shorts:

Torrey Goes Negative

R-G Gives Ethics Line the Finger

Scary Tax Tactics

Champer Pushes Tax on Residents

Issues of Fair Trade

Caribou and Climate

Critical Danger

Lane County Herbicide Spray Schedule

EW Endorsements

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes.


Last Bite of the Biscuit

As the controversial post-fire logging project comes to an end, a look at the winners and losers

Happening Person:

Eric Wold


Ripped Safety Net

A way to mend it is finally available


No on Measure 43

It puts vulnerable teens in a bureaucratic maze


Revolving Door

The case against arbitrary term limits


Tony's Palm Card

The view from the left field bleachers





Under the Wizard's Spell

Ecstatic Peace recording artist mystifies with noise


Fiddling and Burning

Celtic Fiddle Fest brings hot music to WOW Hall


Are You Ready for Halloweeeeeeeeek?

Too much haunting for just one night


Music Shorts

EW's music writers cover the local scene.


The week's events at a glance.


Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

Savage Love

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's

Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man


Movie Review:

The Prestige

Craft of Deception

Christopher Nolan masters the art of illusion

Movie Review:

Old Joy

Real Quiet

Two friends find themselves in the mountains

Movie Review:

Marie Antoinette

Girl, Interrupted

A lush but flawed history of Marie Antoinette


Awkwardly Endearing

VLT's April stumbles but charms


Drinking Espresso and Dancing With the Devil

Singer returns to Portland Opera for Faust


Everybody Loves Max

Video noir gets the youth vote


Eugene Weekly's Quarterly Restaurant Guide