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Eugene Weekly : 10.26.06

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Best of Eugene 2006-2007

2006-2007 Winners:
Big Fish, Small Pond
Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
Dollars That Make Sense
Words, Images, Airwaves
Kitchen Sink
Forkin' Good
Staff Picks
Best of the Ballots

The world is going to hell, and it's only a matter of time before our beloved blue-green planet gets blown to dust. But that's no reason not to jump up and down and rejoice in everything dandy about this little patch of dirt, concrete, trees, grass and water called Eugene. Hey, if we can't find a little joy and satisfaction in our daily lives, what's the point, right? In that spirit we've asked you, our amazing readers, to tell us what's worth celebrating about Eugene, and we've added a few things of our own.

Our readers' poll this year drew more than twice as many ballots as last year, thanks in large part to online voting. We discounted a lot of obvious ballot-stuffing so that our results more accurately reflect reality (we hope). If you don't agree with the outcomes, well, perhaps you should vote next year (sort of like the whole voting thing in general). In any case, this package offers a unique look at a unique community.

Enjoy the read!

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