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Eugene Weekly : Personals : 3.8.07

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LOOKIN' FOR COOL Corvallis MWM outdoorsy TG M-F seeks other TG's to go to movies, museums, hiking, shopping, eating, and talking. ISO friends, not into clubbing, heavy drinking, drugs, or affairs. VM# 1002

WANTS OF NEEDS? SWF, 50+, professional, type A, ISO relationship. Me: 5'6", not Eugene skinny, busty. You: reasonably fit and willing, 5'10"+, emotionally and financially secure and physical. No boozers or men already committed. VM# 9994

SPONTANEOUS FUN Wanted: laughs, live rock music, dates, dining, dancing, drinks, coast runs, atvs, horses, motorcycles. You: stable, fun, funny, active, generous, drug free, music, animal loving hottie, 30-50. Me: pretty, 40, no kids, fun girl! LTR? VM# 9998

ANXIOUS You: enjoy travel, NS, ND, LA, sophisticated, 70-100, Ivory tower type, enjoy the coast. Me: enjoy traveling, NS, ND, cuddler type, full of the Irish devil and getting worse. VM# 9991

LATE BLOOMING BOOMER Vivacious, humorous, educated, athletic, single parent ISO 50ish single man with matching traits. N/S, N/D, HWP. VM# 9958

WAS WITH ASHANTI YOGA SF, 24, honest high cast Indian young lady student at U of O (flute). ISO someone into Ragam or a straight college student. VM# 9955

PLAYFUL SOUL MATE? Me: your dancing lady. Youthful, 50+, affectionate, slim-lined lady. ISO mate who is sincere, loves outdoors, music; travels to romance. I want to share curtains of lace and colors of glass framed in our windows as morning sun rises. VM# 9946

WILDLY ADVENTUROUS Open, loving, loyal, spiritual, free spirit, snowboarder and traveler. ISO tall, brown skinned, sexy man, 35-45, romantic, honest, clean, strong, able to travel, optimist, confident. Must have resources & intelligence. Willing? VM# 9944

COUNTRY BOYS Wanted: active, fun, funny, country hottie. 30-50, Land/ horse owner. Wheelen', motorcycles, ATV's, dogs. Me: rock, new country, genuine, cute, no games, no kids. Sensual, funny, romantic, fun! VM# 9932

HONEST MEN? 25, SWF, attractive and intelligent. ISO same age or older! Honest and hard working men, please contact me! I am blonde/blue and beautiful! VM# 9920

HOPELESSLY LOOKING I'm honest, nonjudgmental, caring, sincere, active, love animals, enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities, looking for a best friend with similar interests for awesome companionship. VM# 9715

FORMER MODEL Seeking male 55+ professional, well traveled. I hope you are fun an enjoy the finer things in life. I am all of the above and would love to meet my perfect guy. I live in N. Bend, but that can change. VM# 9713

A FEW GOOD MEN Vivacious lady with voluptuous figure has sparkling green eyes, enticing smile. Looking for gentleman friends. Enjoys dancing, sailing, theater, symphony, coast, gourmet cooking and sports. Call. VM# 9700



SINCERE GENTLEMAN SWM, 70, tall, slim, looking for a sweetheart 50-70 for love, cuddling, affection, dining out, home cooking, movies, fireplace, travel, home life, beaches, Hawaii, picnics, LTR. Financially secure, lots to offer. No drugs, NS, NA. VM# 1012

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL Liberal, nice looking, fit, 48, stable, earthy, responsible caring, vibrant and playful, into laughter, nature, arts, music, dancing, travel, long walks, deep talks. Seeks similar, slender lady 35-50 for LTR. Write blind box "Being".

OLDER BBW Nature very well endowed (9 inches) seeks older BBW to orally pleasure. I love the clean taste of full figured woman. Try me on for size. VM# 1006

QUEEN FOR A LIFETIME About 5'10" dark and handsome, gainfully employed professional, very honest, sincere, playful, witty and caring. ISO with similar attributes to possibly be my queen. media_wizard@hotmail.com. VM# 9986

SOULFUL WOMAN Smart, physical, fine-lookin, non-materialistic, strong integrity. Hates this war. Be working class, capable, thinking, no addictions, physically together, 30 to 60. Egomaniacal bluebloods oughtabe rendered outta here. Think so? Call me. VM# 9963

TOPSIE-TURVEY LAND Two funny old hippies, 55, seek two stoned-out gypsies, to grip the light fantastic. Vis-A-Vis, hot springing, hiking, camping and swimming. VM# 9962

ALTERNATIVE CULTURE MAN Seeks life partner(any ethnicity). I have a nice home to share and shall love and care for you always. I'm 65, intelligent, attractive, slender, mostly vegetarian, financially secure, single and lonely. My interests include organic gardening, nature, social change, spirituality, reading, films, dancing, learning Spanish, Mexican vacations. VM# 9960

COCOON IMMERSE Seeking yogic sex exercise, hot tubbing, full body massage, bike riding, theaters, artistic perspective, eating out restaurants, healthy body, swimming. 59 yo. 5'10", 158 lbs. VM# 9954

DWM,51, would love to get to know a woman dedicated to her art, writing, or reading. Over coffee/dinner sometime. Maybe we can make the time for friendship. VM# 9943

WOULD LOVE TO MEET New to area, WM, 36, ISO honest, fun loving female 25-40. I love the outdoors, sports, my dogs, movies, and dining with that special someone. Friend first leading to LTR. VM# 9941

PETER PAN IS HERE! I'm into music, a listener/player (flutes), write silly screenplays, produce video shorts, am cute, gentle, sweet, emotionally considerate. ISO cute sweet Petra Pan for romance, good times. VM# 9940

HIPPIE CHICK Carpenter/cabinet maker seeks skinny hippie to share food, music, bike rides, creativity. Soulful rasta-minded type who loves kids, animals. and is just loving. VM# 9936

MIRACLES Above board, kind, sincere, playful, 55, tall, WPM, appreciates nature's beauty, enjoys most outdoor activities, cultural events, dancing and travel. ISO conversation, chemistry, empathy, play, intimacy and growth in loving partner. VM# 9935

SCRUFFY LONG HAIRED beard, mid 20's, ISO music loving, laid back, looker, for "ship." Great fixer upper. VM# 9929

UNFULFILLED WOMEN Not always getting the attention you deserve from your partner? Want to feel the thrill and excitement of being desired again without commitment or ties? Call me. I can help. VM# 9921

NICE GUY DWM, late 50's, not great-looking, not HWP, but I am 6'1", humorous, intelligent, affectionate nice guy. Age, looks, race not important, but you could enjoy cuddling a teddy bear guy. VM# 9716



4U2C Forget about giving me to your husband. No, there are no toys that replace heart. Won't go for any dope. No fluff, no slam. Only have eyes that care and see. VM# 1003



NOT OUT AND ABOUT Cook together, watch PBS, play chess. Talk about getting a dog, and a cabin in the woods. Affectionate, but not to a fault. Long term, not out, cutes always nice. Corvallis. VM# 9939

DISCREET BUT WILD Never been kissed...MWM, hasn't explored t his area in myself. ISO a gay man/couple to relax, watch videos (X) and see if the reality is as exciting as the fantasy. VM# 9934



MAGGIE & ALAN Happy Birthday to the coolest parents in the land! Can you believe it's been a year? We're so happy to have you in our hearts! Give that boy some cake!

NATALIE Happy Birthday Hot Potato! You're a shining star, that's what you are! We're so glad to have you in our family!

HENRY PIE Happy Birthday Hunka Hunka sweet pie! Hope your day is as wonderful as you!

MAIA SHAVE Happy Birthday #10! I'm so PROUD of what and awesome and caring person you are. I love you!

KYLIE Hi babe, hope you're okay. I miss you and I can't wait for your birthday. We're going to the beach and I have a bunch of surprises for you. I love you. VM# 1014

WAYWARD BEAUTY Upon the bus. has left me wondering about the rest. I can not answer or make a guess. but you ar right about the... Still wondering in Corvallis. VM# 1013

GLITCH FROM PORTLAND Diablo's: 2/9. You say you're a musician, not a dancer, but dancing with you made me sparkle for days. Didn't your mama tell you about young girls' hearts? Where are you? —"malas nalgas". VM# 1011

"DUBLINER" ROBERT Diablo's: 3/2. Would she really not mind? Why not? Wish it had been St. Patty's day, Irish boy. —Unattached and wishing you were. VM# 1010

GALIANT Lovely listening lyrics. Stanzas melting mirages of defiance. Why are you struggling waiting writing? VM# 1009

INTERNET IDIOT Think your smooth saying your outta town as a cover for sneaking around. But I know you're at Kari's getting laid because she posted your plans on her myspace page. VM# 1008

CORNUCOPIA WED 2/28 You: dark jeans, black shoes, orange pullover. No ring? Is it possible you are single and straight! You are a total "Jake Ryan." (Sixteen Candles) If you know it is you, please email office@eugeneweekly.com. And if you are not straight we could go shopping?

SWEET LIFE Beautiful lady with your mom and her mom. You ladies talked about Spring Coming. Still around? VM# 1007

DEBIE S Just wandering how you are? Someone from your past. Happy Birthday. Tammy. VM# 1005

THANKS Thanks to the two guys that ran to help me and my blue daughter on Willamette. Hope we didn't give you too much of a scare. Hard to stay calm when they knock on heaven's door! Thanks again for looking out! VM# 1000

BEAUTY KNOWS BEST Lonely night on the bus, you were talking about what to do to make any one feel better. Brought a smile to my face. Hope to see you again. Honey. VM# 9997

RUIN MY KID'S DAY The skateboard you took came from Santa, the handlebars attached to her only transport. Walking to school will be a bitch for my second grader. Thank you, Asshole, hope the fix was worth it. Funny, the bike wasn't locked. VM# 9995

TACO DEL MAR Shaved-headed burrito master, you rock my lunch hour. Wanna bite of MY taco? Stay sexy... A fan. VM# 9993

SMILING AT PAPA'S You complimented me on my smile, you made my night. You've got a great smile yourself! Would love to talk. VM# 9989

STARBUCKS CONTACT Oakway Starbucks, Friday morning. You: Mom who supports salmon and sharing the road. I opened the door. We shared eye contact and a smile. Single? The coffee's on me. VM# 9964

I'M SORRY! You: cute girl at Diablo's Tuesday night. Me: Drunk jerk in fishnet shirt and pleather pants. I'm sorry, let me make it up to you. Let's talk, VM# 9990

HIKING ON MT. BALDY We briefly chatted while walking our dogs last Sunday afternoon around 4:30. You: Attractive couple, me single guy. Wished I asked more. Like hiking friend, More? Dare you. VM# 9988

FAT TUESDAY Wetlands: Was showing my fun bags and you took a picture even though you didn't want to. Thanks for the delete. You rock. VM# 9957

HAIR BA DOO BA Sarah, I saw you do the best color, endless compliments. You are a true artist. VM# 9956

FLICKS & PICKS GUY You: Needed me to pay late fee from 2 years ago. Me: Rented Leonard Part 6, with red coat and short brown hair, Tuesday. Was there an attraction? VM# 9953

LATE NIGHT BLOND Riding your bike 11th area. Short bleached blonde hair, beautiful and dark. So lovely, you looked sad? VM# 9949

TEXTING JOHNNY A crazy message in every text, can't wait to see what you'll send next. I hope it's better than before! Text away Johnny till your fingers are sore. VM# 9950

GREY DOG BEAUTY Greyhound, PDX to Eugene, you were traveling from someplace cold, green top and casual hair bun, I hope your warm and want to chat, I'm in Corvallis. Happy trails. VM# 9945

LAUREN HORSEHEAD ZOMBIES I returned to give you my info, but was abrupt, awkward, shy & a bit drunk. Probably not too charming with blood on my face. I felt a good connection. Would love to meet again. No strings. VM# 9942

CARDS & COFFEE Beauty with a tie in your hair. I see you playing cards at Roma with your friends. Just an innocent bystander who wants you to know you are gorgeous. VM# 9937

VDAY SMILE AT TJ Valentine's night at Trader Joe's. We exchanged glances and your wonderful smile. I was wearing a green/black jacket and my shyness. I should of said hello. VM# 9933

ANNIE Prismatic Party 2/10. Me: Wig. You: Cute! It was very nice to talk to you. Wanted to exchange numbers but you vanished. Single? Would love to see you again. Please Respond. VM# 9930

DANIEL I know your name because we met, remember? You sound suspicious, but I am not the Melissa. Hope you two find each other. VM# 9928

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Feb. 8, 19th St., You were celebrating a night on the town with your beautiful daughter. I passed on the table so you two could enjoy. Go ducks! Possibility? VM# 9927

WORDS ARE DEAD Talk demonic live makes me smile. You: married roadie. Me: red headed for the time being... Thanks for flattering, make me smile again... VM# 9923

CAMPUS SMITH FAMILY Some Fridays ago. I wasn't the info desk girl but maybe I could have answered your question? Till you blushed. And so did I. VM# 9922

LORD OF HELLFIRE My lord: I will wait & love you always. I'll even take my boots of f when you ask...Believe me, there is nothing to doubt or fear: I'm yours. VM# 9712

2/8 17TH WALNUT You waited in the shadows for me to catch my cat, I was touched by your thoughtfulness but to shy to ask your name. Coffee? VM# 9709

AT BLUE MAN GROUP Vegas CPA would love to reconnect with Pediatric, Oncology nurse. Let me know how to find you. Look for Stanton. VM# 9703

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy Birthday Linder Lou. Have a rockin' year!

MINE! Happy Valentines Day to my most favoritestest. Kisses, Yours. VM# 9715

HIT & RUN 2/2... Blair and 4th. 12-2am. Newer cream Subaru Outback smashed our teal green Toyota Paseo. We have witnesses, but need more. Anyone have info? Driver, turn yourself in. We can work something out. Good Karma awaits good choices.

CABEZON AKA PAPI Seen U for years in forgotten dreams, felt your presence, known your out there...10 years! Am I asleep? Clowns gone? Nope, just the richest womyn on Earth. Every moment brings me laughter, hope and happiness. You complete me. Happy V-day. VM# 9713



SWEET PEACHES Kait, let's start fresh and love each other like we used to. I am yours and I trust you. Love you, love always, Danny.

ARE THE STARS OUT TONIGHT? Window dreamin' as I stand on the top. Crawling, walking, and stumbling on my way to you. Fingertips reaching and straining. Shivering in the intensity. Are the stars out tonight?

OUTSIDE. I set myself up by asking. The message keeps repeating itself and I see its not just a request. Did you have to pick such a hard one? Inside.

JOSHUA TIME Left me hanging with bills to pay stopping by every couple days, keeping me as your backup chick, but does your new girl know she's sharing your @!%! VM# 9951

I MISS YOU!! Gwendolyn Paulson, Seamus Morgendorffer, Shady Magoo, Cleatus O'Shay, Lola Reamus..I love and miss you all! See you soon...Mad love Yo!

SCOTT You are my soul love. I will be with you forever and more. Our life will be beautiful together.

INDIAN STUD You've turned me on since the day we met. I am your Indian princess...Keep me safe. Be my Valentine??

LEIGH + LEE Remember that time you told me "love is touching souls," well surly you've touched mine. To my man, my heart, I love you.

GOOFYWAN My juicy it alwaysalways yorgoofywan.

MY YELLOW ROSE... From TX. I've missed you all this time. Thinking of you makes me stop, shiver, and consider if you ever will be mine. Please say yes. Happy V-Day from 1,000 miles away.

DIEGO MY KING You know how to make me smile. Everyday I love you more. You'll always have a place in my corazon.

WELCOME BABY AMERY Just in time to be your Mommy's Valentine! Beautiful little Amery! Your parents are the best! The world is yours. XOXO. Love from Auntie J.

BANANA My beautiful friends Jenny, Chrysta and Tara I love you all. Happiness, fun and long life for us.

LIL' DAHLIA Let's make this year one we can celebrate next year. there is much love and goodness, despite our landslides. Bunny rabbit is listening. Love is milk, not juice. VM# 9712



TRANS GIRLS LIKE US Corvallis MWM outdoorsy TG M-F seeks other TG's to go to movies, museums, hiking, shopping, eating, and talking. ISO friends, not into clubbing, heavy drinking, drugs, or affairs. VM# 1001


FEMINIST SALON Lesbian feminists are gathering for support, networking and fun. Tea and nibbles included. FFI 465-1313 VM# 9961

RUSSIAN FRIENDS Tasha and Ivan seek friends to discuss Russian Literature, Jazz music, or....To enjoy free events more through friendship. Peristroika y glastnost, da? You don't have to be Russian. VM# 9959

PSST, HEY! Listen to Breakfast with the Blues on 91.9 KRVM every morning of the week. Pass it on!

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ATTRACTIVE, RETIRED , DWM, nudist, 60, seeks WF nudist for fun and travel. Lets sing in the sunshine naturally. VM# 9926

TRANSGIRLS LIKE US Corvallis MWM outdoorsy TG M-F seeks other TG's to go to movies, museums, hiking, shopping, eating, and talking. ISO friends, not into clubbing, heavy drinking, drugs, or affairs. VM# 9582



FEMALE 4 NSA SEX Looking for a woman to share time with . Age is no factor, just looking for a nice girl for no strings attached sex. Must be clean and STD free. VM# 1004

CONSUMMATE CARRESS Smoker stokes relate, not subjugate. Eyes beddy byes? Transgender me to Sista Lucky womanly. She-threesomes, older, boldly bare, dare share diversity! Write blind box "Shave and Msbehave."

ISO FEMALE FOR COUPLE Naughty, young couple ISO female for 1st time fun with another girl. Must be STD free and clean. Love wine and ganja food? Fit an age 20-30? Naughty? VM# 9992

MR. GOOD HANDS SWM, mid. 40's, seeks nasty, eager, voluptuous women who likes hands on attention. Come explore the sensuous side of the human touch as you reach sexual heights only dreamed of. VM# 9987

ISO OUR SUGAR MAG YOUNG FIT STD free couple, mid 20's ISO same type female for first time bi/play experience. Must be mature/laid back. Naughty? VM# 9952

MASSAGE Couples, 40s in search of fit, accountable, playful couple or women, learning, massage and hottub. If you have questions? Check it out. VM# 9948

B & D ISO a man 24-40 to teach me the ways of bondage. 27, fem, cute and willing. VM# 9947

SEEKING U Open-minded WM, 30+, good looking, ISO new playmates in Eugene/Corvallis area. Hoping to meet open-minded females/ bi- couples. Seeking mild to wild playmates. Age, race, not important. HWP. VM# 9938

I WANT TO BE KEPT I'm ready to get spoiled by a real gentleman. Lonely? I love dates, romance, shopping, Hawaii. Must be handsome, kind, very generous, financially secure, active, 30+. Take care of my bills, I'll take care of you! I'm kind, pretty, sensual, 40 and classy. VM# 9931

R U READY?? Are you open-minded? Do you love oral, anal, and all thats in between

HORNY, KINKY ? Are you horny, kinky and an exhibitionist? Looking for satisfaction? Very open-minded guy, 30+ seeking playmates for NSA sexual encounters. VM# 9714



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