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Eugene Weekly : Theater : 3.8.07



Opens Thursday, March 8 at the Robinson Theatre. You know how the Greeks with their Trojan Horse defeated Troy, right? (Deceit and wholesale slaughter, of course.) What happened to the women and children of Troy? Euripedes wrote about it, oh, thousands of years ago, but Ellen McLaughlin has updated it for modern audiences. A literally classic tale of the human costs of war. Show dates are March 8-11 and 15-17. Call 346-4363 for tix.



Opens Friday, March 9 at the Corvallis Community Theatre. I remember seeing this tale of three intrepid Victorian women back in the day when I took Acting 101. Fun, witty, meaningful and full of fascinating MacGyver-like invention from the explorers, Eric Overmyer's play delivers. Show dates are March 9-11 and 15-18. Call 738-7469 for tix.