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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 4.5.07


AXE & FIDDLE Blues Jam—7:30

THE CITY DJ Simy—10; 80s, techno, reggae

CONWAYS Karaoke w/Lorrie—9

COUNTRY SIDE The Alliance Band w/Paul Biondi, Mofessor, Peter Giri, Tim Donohue, Stan Becraft—8:30

COZMIC PIZZA Break As We Fall, Tyler Fortier, Erk Anders—7:30

DIABLO'S 80s Rewind—11

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE WaNiBra, Young Royals, Satoris—10

DUCK INN Ben Coleman's Karaoke—9

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Karaoke w/Krazy J—7

HAPPY HOURS Karaoke w/Jim—8:30

JO FEDERIGO'S Jo Fed's All Star Jazz Jam—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ VJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B

JOHN HENRY'S '80s Night w/Chris, Jen and John—10

LATITUDE 21 The Mothership Connection w/The Brothers of Beat—10; Funk, soul, hip hop

LUCKEY'S Toast Machine, The Great Escape—10

LUNA Erika Luckett—8:30; Alternative, Latin

LONE STAR Texas Hold'em—7

MAC'S AT THE VETS U-Jam open mic—8:30

MAIN STREET SPFD Texas Hold'em—8


OLD PAD Karaoke—9

OVERTIME GRILL West Side Blues Jam—8


ROCK 'N' RODEO Ladies' Night w/Jon Michaels—8:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Cedar Hill—9; Bluegrass

SAMURAI DUCK Lucika, Manias, Fortress of Victory—9; Extreme metal

TABOO DJ Tekneek—10; Hip hop, dance, techno

TAP 'N' KEG Rising Phoenix—9; Hip hop

TAYLOR'S DJ Red Foxx—10; hip hop



WETLANDS Live Grateful Dead shows on DVD—11

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7

WOW HALL Zilla, Bassnectar, The Funginears, Souleye—9; Jam Rock, DJ dance


AGATE HALL The Love X Nowhere, UHF, The Moanin' Dove, Ron Randall—7:30

AXE & FIDDLE Brook Adams & his Swingin' Marmalukeys—8

CHARLIE MAC'S The Outsiders—9; CD release

THE CITY DJ Simy—10; Hip hop revolution, top 40

COZMIC PIZZA Mollybloom—7. One Horse Shy—10

DIABLO'S Flava Fridays w/Supa J—10; Hip hop

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Forgotten Works—6. Uncle Nancy hosts "The Church of Nancy"—10

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Blues Jam—8:30

EUGENE CITY BREWERY Mr. Bill's Trivia Show—8

HAPPY HOURS The Alliance Band—9

JAZZ STATION Right Brain Production—7:30; Vocal jazz

JO FEDERIGO'S Dusty York Trio—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ DJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

JOHN HENRY'S Hillstomp, Cicada Omega, Scrambled Ape—9

LATITUDE 21 Da Real Thing w/Brimstone Sounds—10

LAVELLES Gus Russell—5:30


LORD LEEBRICK Absolute Improv—11

LUCKEY'S Delaney—10; Rock

LUNA Spirit Farm w/Paul Biondi—8:30; CD release

MAC'S AT THE VETS Stone Cold Jazz—9:30

THE O BAR Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

OK TAVERN Lorrie's Karaoke—9


OVERTIME GRILL Skip Jones—8:30


RED LION HOTEL Jerry Zybach—7:30

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJs Jon Michaels & "The Schmoo" Kevin Schmoop—7:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Macaco Velho—9:30; Brazilian dance

SPIRITS The Greg Glass Project—9; Rock 'n' roll

TABOO DJ Tekneek, DJ Kal-El, DJ Rollo—9; Hip hop, R&B, reggae

TANGO CENTER Semi-formal salsa dance—9

TIME OUT Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

VET'S CLUB BALLROOM DJ Mario Mora—9; Salsa

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—9:30

WOW HALL The pHormula, Stupendous, Alliance/Undermind—8; Hip hop


AX BILLY Mike Denny Quartet—8

AXE & FIDDLE Mood Area 52—8

THE CITY DJ Redd Fox—10; Top 40, hip hop, 80s/90s

CLUB SNAFU Freaks Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic & Supergirl—9

COZMIC PIZZA Jesse Meade—7. Jose Cruz Salsa Dance—9

DIABLO'S Vinyl Pimpz—10; House

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Speedshift, Lucky Stiff, Easy Does It—10; Punk

DUCK INN Ben Coleman's Karaoke—9

EARL'S JUKE JOINT The Alliance Band—8:30

EL DORADO Caught in the Act Karoake—9

HAPPY HOURS The Outsiders—9


JO FEDERIGO'S Barbara Dzuro—6. Taste—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ VJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

LAVELLES Gus Russell—5:30

LONE STAR Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

LORD LEEBRICK Absolute Improv—11

LUCKEY'S H is for Hellgate, Telepathic Dumpster, The Reward System, Antidope, Gloria—10; Benefit for Womenspace

LUNA Employees of the Month, Eugene Youth Jazz All Stars, Koko Love Quartet—5:30; Kidz rock

MAC'S AT THE VETS Valley Boys—9; Rock 'n' roll

MCDONALD THEATRE Floater, Grynch—9

MAIN ST. SPFD Texas Hold'Em—8

PAPA'S SOUL FOOD KITCHEN Old School Soul Throwdown w/Brothes of Beat & Papa Soul—9

QUACKERS The Vipers w/Deb Cleveland—9

RED LION HOTEL Allan Stuart—7:30

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJs Jon Michaels & Kevin Schmoop—7:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Inkwell Rhythm Makers—9:30; Jug band

SPIRITS The Greg Glass Project—9; Rock 'n' roll

TAP 'N' KEG Rising Phoenix—9:30; Retro mix

TAYLOR'S DJ Simy—10; Jazzy house, hip hop

WETLANDS The CoStars, The Revenge Club, The June Umbrella—10; Indie rock

THE WOODSMAN The Michael Anderson Trio—9

WOW HALL The Sugar Beets, Grace Keller—8; Psychedelic bluegrass


COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke w/Kim—9

COZMIC PIZZA Emily Jensen—6 & 9

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Killer Karaoke—10

JO FEDERIGO'S Dead Night Open Jam—9

JOHN HENRY'S Stoney Larue—7. Broadway Revue—10

SAM BOND'S Irish jam—5. Robyn Hitchcock w/The Venus Three—9; Rock

VILLAGE GREEN Barbara Dzuro—7; Jazz

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—8

WANDERING GOAT The Moldy Fig Society—7


BLACK FOREST Caught in the Act Karaoke—10

COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke w/Kim—9

DIABLO'S Spinnin' Black Circles—10; Rock DJs

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Paul's Blues Jam—7

JO FEDERIGO'S Skip Jones—8:30

JOGGER'S Texas Hold'em—7

JT'S PLACE "De Church o de Blues," hosted by Bobby 6 Crows, Deacon, Kid Wollen & Cherish—9

SAM BOND'S Bingo—9

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke

w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—9

WOW HALL A Change of Pace, Quietdrive, The Classic Crime, The Bleeding Alarm, Tysen—8; Rock


AXE & FIDDLE Bingo—7

THE COOLER Texas Hold 'em—7

COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke w/Kim—9

COZMIC PIZZA Mike & Dan's Acoustic Open Mic—7

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Open Mic w/Kisha—9

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Karaoke w/Krazy J–7


JO FEDERIGO'S Rooster's Blues Jam—8:30

JOGGER'S Karaoke w/Absolute DJs—9:30

LUCKEY'S Open Mic—9

MACHO'S PIZZA Family-Friendly Karoake—7

MAX'S e. geek's Knowledge Knights—8

MCSHANE'S Tricycle Races—9

THE O BAR Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

PEABODY'S PUB Patrick & Giri—8:30

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJ Smuve—8:30; Old school hip hop, top 40

SAM BOND'S Bluegrass Jam—9

SAM'S PLACE Karaoke w/ Lydia–8

TABOO Open Mic Hip Hop hosted by DJ Tekneek—10

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Live music jam, open mic—9


THE CITY DJ Redd Fox—9:30; 80s, techno, reggae

COZMIC PIZZA Flat Stanley—6

DIABLO'S Open Turntables—10

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Persephone's Bees, The Ovulators—10; Dance rock

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Pete Spirit Walker—7; Jam

JAXX "The Scene" hosted by Steve Arriola—8:30; Hybrid music jam, variety

JO FEDERIGO'S UO Student Jazz Showcase—6. Matt Butler's small ensemble experiments—8

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ DJ Ty—9:30; Dance, house, '80s remixes

JOHN HENRY'S DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek—10; Reggae vs. hip hop

LONE STAR Coyote Ugly Night, DJ Tony—9

LUCKEY'S Drebin—10; Rock

LUNA Datri Bean—8:30

MAC'S AT THE VETS Irish session band—8

MCSHANE'S Dead-Spread-Phish-Head—10; Variety


OLD PAD Blackjack—9


QUACKERS Blues & Funk Jam—8:30

RED LION HOTEL Steve Ibach—7

ROCK 'N' RODEO Karaoke Showdown w/Jon Michaels—8

SAM BOND'S Deadwood Revival, Conjugal Visitors—9; Acoustic

SAM'S PLACE Karaoke w/ Lydia–8

TAP 'N' KEG Karoake w/Rising Phoenix Productions—8

TAYLOR'S DJ Simy—10; Jazzy house, hip hop, disco

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. J.C. Rico—9

WOW HALL Pnuma Trio, Etheric Double—9; Jazz rock, electro-fusion

XTREME GAMING Caught in the Act Karaoke—6; Family karaoke   




140 Hill St. NE, Albany • 928-1931

TH Old Time Jam w/Wild Hog in the Woods—7

SA Camp3—8


32994 Hwy. 99 E., Tangent • 926-2767

W Dennis & Pappy's Blues Jam—7



125 SW 2nd St. • 754-8522

TH DJ Mike May (top); KJ Patches (main)

FR The Ramblin Jaks (main)—9

SA KJ Patches (main); Stairway Denied (top)—9

SU Sqwig-E-Okie.

MO KJ Patches

TU KJ Patches (main); Movie Night (top).

WE Sqwig-E-Okie (top); Ray & Neal's Blues Jam (main)



126 SW 4th St.

TH & SA DJ Hes—9



151 NW Monroe Ave. • 754-7457

FR School of Cool—8

SA Douglas Detrick Quartet—8

TU Open Mic—8

WE Cassandra Robertson & Lewis Childs—8



100 SW. 2nd St. • 753-8057

SA Wild Hog in the Woods—8




AX BILLY 999 Willamette St. * 494-4011

AXE & FIDDLE 657 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

HBEANERY 152 W. 5th * 342-3378

BLACK FOREST 50 E. 11th Ave. * 686-6619

BORDERS BOOKS 5 Oakway Center * 345-6072

BREWED AWAKENING 2532 Willakenzie Rd.* 342-6861

BUGSY'S 559 Ivy St., Junction City * 998-5158

CHARLIE MAC'S 24967 Hwy. 126, Veneta * 935-4300

THE CITY 2222 Centenial Blvd.

CLUB SNAFU 64 W. 8th Alley * 342-3272

THE COOLER 20 Centennial Loop * 484-4355

CORNUCOPIA 295 W. 17th. * 485-2300

COUNTRY SIDE 4740 Main St., Spfd. * 744-1594

COZMIC PIZZA 199 W. 8th Ave. * 338-9333

DIABLO'S/DOWNTOWN LOUNGE 959 Pearl St. * 343-2346

DUCK INN 1795 W. 6th Ave. * 302-9206

EAGLES AERIE 3597 1978 Main St., Spfld. * 726-1265

EARL'S JUKE JOINT 1712 Ivy St., Junction City * 998-5688

ELDORADO 3000 W. 11th Ave. * 683-4580

EMBERS 1811 Hwy. 99 N. * 688-6564

HEMERALD CITY COFFEE HOUSE 347 W. 5th * 342-2420

EUGENE CITY BREWERY 844 Olive St. * 345-4155

FATHOMS/PEGASUS PIZZA 790 E. 14th Ave. * 344-4471

GOOD TIMES 375 E. 7th Ave. * 484-7181

HAPPY HOURS 645 River Rd. * 463-7632

INDIGO DISTRICT 1290 Oak St. * 434-6553

JAXX LOUNGE 1010 Oak St. * 485-4695

JAZZ STATION 68 W. Broadway.

JO FEDERIGO'S 259 E. 5th Ave. * 343-8488

JOGGER'S 710 Willamette * 343-0224

JOHN HENRY'S 77 W. Broadway * 342-3358

LATITUDE 21 25 W. 6th Ave. * 338-9000

LAVELLE'S WINE BAR & BISTRO 5th St. Pub. Mkt * 338-9875

LA OFICINA 1491 Willamette * 338-4621

LONE STAR BAR & GRILL I-5 at Coburg * 686-8686

LUCKEY'S CLUB CIGAR 933 Olive St. * 687-4643

LUNA 30 E. Broadway * 434-5862

MACHO'S PIZZA 96 Mill St., Creswell * 895-2700

MAC'S AT THE VET'S 1626 Willamette * 344-8600

MAIN STREET EUGENE 2303 W. 7th.* 484-9771

MAIN STREET SPFD 1807 Olympic, Spfd.

MAIN STREET JAVA 510 E. Main * 942-3433

MAX'S 550 E. 13th Ave. * 349-8986

MCDONALD THEATRE 1010 Willamette St.

MCSHANE'S 86495 College View Rd. * 747-4031

MULLIGAN'S PUB 2841 Willamette * 484-1727

THE O BAR 1 Commons Way * 349-0707

THE OK TAVERN 28th & Main, Spfd.

O'DONNELL'S IRISH PUB 295 Hwy. 99 N. * 688-4902

OREGANO'S 830 Olive St. * 393-0830

OREGON WINE WAREHOUSE 943 Olive St. * 342-8598

OUR DAILY BREAD 88170 Territorial., Veneta * 935-4921

OVERTIME GRILL 770 S. Bertelsen * 342-5028

PANDORA'S BOX 1030 Hwy. 99 * 688-1869

PAPA'S SOUL FOOD KITCHEN 4th & Blair. * 342-7500

PEABODY'S 444 E. 3rd Ave. * 484-2927

PERUGINO 767 Willamette * 687-9102

POUR HOUSE TAVERN 444 42nd St. * 746-1337

RICK'S PUB 20 Hwy. 99 N * 344-3074

ROCK 'N' RODEO 44 E. 7th Ave. * 344-1293

SAKURA 844 E. 13th Ave.

SAM BOND'S GARAGE 407 Blair * 431-6603

SAM'S PLACE 825 Wilson St. * 484-4455


SPIRITS 1714 Main St., Spfd * 726-0113

TABOO 23 W. 6th Ave. * 338-8787

TAP 'N' KEG 1704 E. Main, Cottage Grove * 942-8713

TAYLOR'S BAR & GRILL 894 E. 13th Ave. * 344-6174

TERRITORIAL VINEYARDS & WINE CO. 907 W. 3rd * 684-9463

TIME OUT 5256 Main St., Spfd. * 746-2148

TINY TAVERN 394 Blair Blvd. * 687-8383

TRACKSTIRS 3350 Gateway St., Spfd. * 726-1262

VET'S CLUB BALLROOM 1626 Willamette St.

VILLAGE INN 1875 Mohawk Blvd., Spfd. * 747-9833

WETLANDS 922 Garfield St. * 345-3606

WINE STYLES 2846 Willamette St. * 434-WINE

THE WOODSMAN 117 S. 14th St., Spfd. * 741-0150

WORLD CAFE 449 Blair Blvd. * 345-1695

WOW HALL 291 W. 8th Ave. * 687-2746

XTREME GAMING 5658 Main St., Spfd. * 741-6897

YUKON JACK'S 4th & W. Bdwy., Veneta * 935-1921