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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 5.3.07


AXE & FIDDLE Blues Jam hosted by Greg Carter of KRVM—7:30

BLACK FOREST My Dirty Little Secret, Chili Soup, Unkle Nancy—10; Rock

THE CITY DJ Simy—10; 80s, techno, reggae

CONWAYS Karaoke w/Lorie—7 & 9

COUNTRY SIDE The Alliance Band—8:30

COZMIC PIZZA Johanna, John Shipe, Halie Loren—8; CD release

DIABLO'S 80s Rewind—11

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Madison County, Forgotten Works—10; Indie folk

DUCK INN Ben Coleman's Karaoke—9


HAPPY HOURS Karaoke w/Jim—8:30

INDIGO DISTRICT Samba Ja, Mandala, Myles Airon, Chad Benz—10; Dance

JO FEDERIGO'S Jo Fed's All Star Jazz Jam—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ VJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B

JOHN HENRY'S '80s Night w/Chris, Jen and John—10

LATITUDE 21 The Mothership Connection w/The Brothers of Beat—10; Funk, soul, hip hop

LUCKEY'S Jump Off—10; Funk

LUNA Courtney Jones, Breena Paletta—8:30; Singer-songwriter

LONE STAR Texas Hold'em—7

MAC'S AT THE VETS JC Rico & Zulu Dragon—8; Tribute concert

MAIN STREET SPFD Texas Hold'em—8

MCDONALD THEATRE The Decemberists, My Brightest Diamond—9


THE OLD PAD Karaoke—9

OVERTIME GRILL West Side Blues Jam—8

ROCK 'N' RODEO Ladies' Night w/Jon Michaels—8:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Scrambled Ape—6. Laura Kemp w/Eli Copeland—8:30; Americana

SPIRITS Johnny Wilde Jam Night—9

TABOO DJ Tekneek—10; Hip hop, dance, techno

TAP 'N' KEG Rising Phoenix—9; Hip hop

TAYLOR'S DJ Red Foxx—10; hip hop

TERRITORIAL WINERY D'Vine w/DJ Sean & Charles Thump—7



WETLANDS Live Grateful Dead shows on DVD—11

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7

WOW HALL Explosions in the Sky, Eluvium—9; Instrumental rock


AXE & FIDDLE Sweet Papa Lowdown—8:30

BEANERY Beth Miriam Rose—7; Acoustic folk

BLACK FOREST Altamara, The Agenda, Wait Think Fast—10; Rock


CHARLIE MAC'S Steppin' Out—9

THE CITY DJ Simy—10; Hip hop revolution, top 40

CLUB 420 Karaoke—9

COZMIC PIZZA The Swingin' Marmalukeys—8; CD release

DIABLO'S Flava Fridays w/Supa J—10; Hip hop

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE The Great Escape, 3 Guys That Paint—10; Funk rock

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Blues jam–8:30

ELDORADO Karaoke w/ Jared Ritzer—9

EUGENE CITY BREWERY Mr. Bill's Trivia Show—8

HAPPY HOURS The Alliance—9

JAZZ STATION The BluJayz—7:30; Vocal jazz

JO FEDERIGO'S Barney McClure & Mike Denny Trio—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ DJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

LATITUDE 21 Da Real Thing w/Brimstone Sounds—10

LAVELLES Gus Russell—5:30


LORD LEEBRICK WYMPROV!—11; Improv comedy

LUCKEY'S Tyler Fortier, James Sasser, Chuckberrymanilow—10; Rock, alt-country

LUNA The Sugar Beets—8:30; New grass, jam, dance

MAC'S AT THE VETS Coupe de Ville—9:30; Rock 'n' roll

THE O BAR Karaoke—9

OK TAVERN Lorie's Karaoke—9


OVERTIME GRILL Silas—8:30; Jam, blues

PERUGINO Mood Area 52—6

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJs Jon Michaels & "The Schmoo" Kevin Schmoop—7:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies—9:30

SPIRITS Mr. Wizard—9

TABOO DJ Tekneek, DJ Kal-El, DJ Rollo—9; Hip hop, R&B, reggae

TIME OUT Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

VET'S CLUB BALLROOM Caliente—10; Salsa, Afro-Cuban

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—9:30

WORLD CAFE Oddly Unusual Persons—8; Variety

WOW HALL Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers, Kenzie, The Tunnel Kings—8; Rock


AXE & FIDDLE Saltlick, Dissonant Monk, Husk—8:30; Alt-country, rock

BLACK FOREST Flavor Factory, Porch Grass—10; Rock, jug band

THE CITY DJ Redd Fox—10; Top 40, hip hop, 80s/90s

CLUB 420 Karaoke—9

CLUB SNAFU Freaks Dance Party w/Audio Schizophrenic—9

COZMIC PIZZA 3rd annual Eugene Salsa Competition—8

DIABLO'S Vinyl Pimpz—10; House

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Northwest Royale, Javelina, Tall Boy Shotgun, Subject 2 Change—10; Metal

DUCK INN Ben Coleman's Karaoke—9

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Blues jam–8:30

EL DORADO Karaoke—9

HAPPY HOURS Coupe de Ville—9

THE HOPHOUSE Stone Cold Funk 'n' Blues Machine–9

INDIGO DISTRICT DJ Hoop Dreams—10; New wave, electro

JO FEDERIGO'S Barbara Dzuro—6. Inner Limits—9

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ VJ Ty—9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

JOHN HENRY'S Los Mex Pistols del Norte, Hi Fi Ramblers—10

THE KEG Disco dance—9

LATITUDE 21 Don Dignitaries, Zelly Rock, RK 1, The Vida Girls—9:30; Rock, world beat

LAVELLES Gus Russell—5:30

LONE STAR Caught in the Act Karaoke—9

LORD LEEBRICK WYMPROV!—11; Improv comedy

LUCKEY'S The Quick and Easy Boys—10; Cowboy funk

LUNA Peter Case—8:30; Singer-songwriter

MAC'S AT THE VETS Blue Moon Society—9:30; Rock, blues

MAIN ST. SPFD Texas Hold'Em—8

PAPA'S SOUL FOOD KITCHEN Old School Soul Throwdown w/Brothes of Beat & Papa Soul—9

QUACKERS The Cheeseburgers—9; Danceable island rock

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJs Jon Michaels & Kevin Schmoop—7:30; Country, rock, top 40

SAM BOND'S Testface, DoublePlusGood—9:30; CD release

SPIRITS Mr. Wizard—9

TAP 'N' KEG Rising Phoenix—9:30; Retro mix

TAYLOR'S D-Fault, DJ Simy—10; Hip hop

WETLANDS The Hollowbodys, Crimes of Ambition, Hey Lover, Blondage—10; Grrrlz rock

THE WOODSMAN The Michael Anderson Trio—9

WOW HALL The Conjugal Visitors—7



COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke w/Kim—9

COZMIC PIZZA Circled by Hounds, Tonn Nua, more—4; WREN benefit concert

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Killer Karaoke—10

JO FEDERIGO'S Grateful Dead open jam—9

JOHN HENRY'S Broadway Revue—10; Burlesque

THE KEG Karaoke—6:30

SAM BOND'S Irish jam—5. Anna Coogan, North 19—8:30; Americana

VILLAGE GREEN Barbara Dzuro—7; Jazz

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—8

WANDERING GOAT The Moldy Fig Society—7


AXE & FIDDLE Scott Holt—7:30; Blues


COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke w/Kim—9

DIABLO'S Spinnin' Black Circles—10; Rock DJs

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Paul's Blues Jam—7

JO FEDERIGO'S Skip Jones—8:30

JOGGER'S Texas Hold'em—7

SAM BOND'S Bingo—9

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Karaoke

w/ Jan, Jon-Michael & DANIMAL—9

WOW HALL Skillet, Decyfer Down—7:30; Christian rock


AXE & FIDDLE Open Mic—6:30; benefit for Habitat for Humanity

BLACK FOREST Cold Fire—10; Alternative

THE COOLER Texas Hold 'em—7

COUNTRY SIDE Karaoke Idol—9

COZMIC PIZZA Mike & Dan's Acoustic Open Mic—7

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE Open Mic w/Kisha—9

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Aspiring Artists Night–7


JO FEDERIGO'S Rooster's Blues Jam—8:30

JOGGERS Karaoke—9

LUCKEY'S Open Mic—9

MACHO'S PIZZA Family-Friendly Karoake—7

MAX'S e. geek's Knowledge Knights—8

MCSHANE'S Tricycle Races—9

THE O BAR Karaoke—9

PEABODY'S PUB Patrick & Giri—8:30; Acoustic rock

ROCK 'N' RODEO DJ Smuve—8:30; Old school hip hop, top 40

SAM BOND'S Bluegrass Jam—9

SAM'S PLACE Karaoke w/ Lydia–8

TABOO Open Mic Hip Hop hosted by DJ Tekneek—10

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. Live music jam, open mic—9


BLACK FOREST T-Bone Stone—10; Blues

THE CITY Karaoke—9

COZMIC PIZZA Madison County, Ezra Carey—7

DIABLO'S Open Turntables—10

DOWNTOWN LOUNGE The Casketeers, The Hell Caminos, Hi Fi Ramblers—10

EARL'S JUKE JOINT Acoustic Jam–7

INDIGO DISTRICT The Dead Americans, Ugly Litter, The Soothsayers—9; Roller derby fundraiser

JAXX "The Scene" hosted by Steve Arriola—8:30; Hybrid music jam, variety

JO FEDERIGO'S UO Student Jazz Showcase—6. Matt Butler's small ensemble experiments—8

JOGGER'S Club Motion w/ DJ Ty—9:30; Dance, house, '80s remixes

JOHN HENRY'S DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek—10; Reggae vs. hip hop

LONE STAR Coyote Ugly Night, DJ Tony—9

LUCKEY'S Crusty Bastard—10; Jazz

MAC'S AT THE VETS Irish session band—8

MCDONALD THEATRE Yard Dogs Road Show—8; Burlesque

MCSHANE'S Dead-Spread-Phish-Head—10; Variety


OLD PAD Blackjack—9


QUACKERS Blues & Funk Jam—8:30

RED LION HOTEL Skip Jones, Byron Case & Friends—7

ROCK 'N' RODEO Karaoke Showdown w/Jon Michaels—8

SAM BOND'S Emily Wells, Timmy Straw—9

SAM'S PLACE Karaoke w/ Lydia–8

TAP 'N' KEG Karoake w/Rising Phoenix Productions—8

TAYLOR'S DJ Simy—10; Jazzy house, hip hop, disco

THE WOODSMAN Texas Hold'em—7. J.C. Rico—9

WETLANDS UFC fights on the big screen—9



777 NW 9th St. • 738-0580

FR Michael Gaulinas—7



140 Hill St. NE, Albany • 928-1931

TH Old Time Jam w/ Wild Hog in the Woods—7

SA Terry Robb—7:30



2740 SE 3rd St. • 738-7600

SA Caught in the Act—8:30; Funk, soul



125 SW 2nd St. • 754-8522

TH DJ Mike May (top); KJ Patches (main)

FR Dry County Crooks (main)—9

SA KJ Patches (main). Johnson Unit, The Bootleg Women (top)—9

SU Sqwig-E-Okie.

MO KJ Patches

TU KJ Patches (main); Movie Night (top).

WE Sqwig-E-Okie (top); Ray & Neal's Blues Jam (main)



126 SW 4th St.

TH & SA DJ Hes—9



151 NW Monroe Ave. • 754-7457

FR Split Level—8

SA Travelin' Sols—8

TU Open Mic—8

WE Bill Lanham & Mike Jones—8



1115 SE 3rd St. • 754-6958

FR Steve Willis & Casey Smith—8; Jazz guitar

SA Barry Bilderback—8; Jazz piano



AX BILLY 999 Willamette St. * 494-4011

AXE & FIDDLE 657 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

HBEANERY 152 W. 5th * 342-3378

BLACK FOREST 50 E. 11th Ave. * 686-6619

BORDERS BOOKS 5 Oakway Center * 345-6072

BREWED AWAKENING 2532 Willakenzie Rd.* 342-6861

BUGSY'S 559 Ivy St., Junction City * 998-5158

CHARLIE MAC'S 24967 Hwy. 126, Veneta * 935-4300

THE CITY 2222 Centenial Blvd.

CLUB SNAFU 64 W. 8th Alley * 342-3272

THE COOLER 20 Centennial Loop * 484-4355

CORNUCOPIA 295 W. 17th. * 485-2300

COUNTRY SIDE 4740 Main St., Spfd. * 744-1594

COZMIC PIZZA 199 W. 8th Ave. * 338-9333

DIABLO'S/DOWNTOWN LOUNGE 959 Pearl St. * 343-2346

DUCK INN 1795 W. 6th Ave. * 302-9206

EAGLES AERIE 3597 1978 Main St., Spfld. * 726-1265

EARL'S JUKE JOINT 1712 Ivy St., Junction City * 998-5688

ELDORADO 3000 W. 11th Ave. * 683-4580

EMBERS 1811 Hwy. 99 N. * 688-6564

HEMERALD CITY COFFEE HOUSE 347 W. 5th * 342-2420

EUGENE CITY BREWERY 844 Olive St. * 345-4155

FATHOMS/PEGASUS PIZZA 790 E. 14th Ave. * 344-4471

GOOD TIMES 375 E. 7th Ave. * 484-7181

HAPPY HOURS 645 River Rd. * 463-7632

INDIGO DISTRICT 1290 Oak St. * 434-6553

JAXX LOUNGE 1010 Oak St. * 485-4695

JAZZ STATION 68 W. Broadway.

JO FEDERIGO'S 259 E. 5th Ave. * 343-8488

JOGGER'S 710 Willamette * 343-0224

JOHN HENRY'S 77 W. Broadway * 342-3358

LATITUDE 21 25 W. 6th Ave. * 338-9000

LAVELLE'S WINE BAR & BISTRO 5th St. Pub. Mkt * 338-9875

LA OFICINA 1491 Willamette * 338-4621

LONE STAR BAR & GRILL I-5 at Coburg * 686-8686

LUCKEY'S CLUB CIGAR 933 Olive St. * 687-4643

LUNA 30 E. Broadway * 434-5862

MACHO'S PIZZA 96 Mill St., Creswell * 895-2700

MAC'S AT THE VET'S 1626 Willamette * 344-8600

MAIN STREET EUGENE 2303 W. 7th.* 484-9771

MAIN STREET SPFD 1807 Olympic, Spfd.

MAIN STREET JAVA 510 E. Main * 942-3433

MAX'S 550 E. 13th Ave. * 349-8986

MCDONALD THEATRE 1010 Willamette St.

MCSHANE'S 86495 College View Rd. * 747-4031

MULLIGAN'S PUB 2841 Willamette * 484-1727

THE O BAR 1 Commons Way * 349-0707

THE OK TAVERN 28th & Main, Spfd.

O'DONNELL'S IRISH PUB 295 Hwy. 99 N. * 688-4902

OREGANO'S 830 Olive St. * 393-0830

OREGON WINE WAREHOUSE 943 Olive St. * 342-8598

OUR DAILY BREAD 88170 Territorial., Veneta * 935-4921

OVERTIME GRILL 770 S. Bertelsen * 342-5028

PANDORA'S BOX 1030 Hwy. 99 * 688-1869

PAPA'S SOUL FOOD KITCHEN 4th & Blair. * 342-7500

PEABODY'S 444 E. 3rd Ave. * 484-2927

PERUGINO 767 Willamette * 687-9102

POUR HOUSE TAVERN 444 42nd St. * 746-1337

RICK'S PUB 20 Hwy. 99 N * 344-3074

ROCK 'N' RODEO 44 E. 7th Ave. * 344-1293

SAKURA 844 E. 13th Ave.

SAM BOND'S GARAGE 407 Blair * 431-6603

SAM'S PLACE 825 Wilson St. * 484-4455


SPIRITS 1714 Main St., Spfd * 726-0113

TABOO 23 W. 6th Ave. * 338-8787

TAP 'N' KEG 1704 E. Main, Cottage Grove * 942-8713

TAYLOR'S BAR & GRILL 894 E. 13th Ave. * 344-6174

TERRITORIAL VINEYARDS & WINE CO. 907 W. 3rd * 684-9463

TIME OUT 5256 Main St., Spfd. * 746-2148

TINY TAVERN 394 Blair Blvd. * 687-8383

TRACKSTIRS 3350 Gateway St., Spfd. * 726-1262

VET'S CLUB BALLROOM 1626 Willamette St.

VILLAGE INN 1875 Mohawk Blvd., Spfd. * 747-9833

WETLANDS 922 Garfield St. * 345-3606

WINE STYLES 2846 Willamette St. * 434-WINE

THE WOODSMAN 117 S. 14th St., Spfd. * 741-0150

WORLD CAFE 449 Blair Blvd. * 345-1695

WOW HALL 291 W. 8th Ave. * 687-2746

XTREME GAMING 5658 Main St., Spfd. * 741-6897

YUKON JACK'S 4th & W. Bdwy., Veneta * 935-1921