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Eugene Weekly : Personals : 5.24.07

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"RAINBOW" MAN In30'S sought by woman in 40's simply for sweet loving. Please be health-oriented and have a degree of wisdom and maturity. VM# 1440

DO YOU EXIST? Attractive, fun, SWF ISO attractive SWM. Enjoy music, movies, dining, the usual. Interested in educated, conservative acting, progressive thinking good man 35-50. VM# 1428

OUTDOOR PLAYMATE Fun, fit, feisty, intelligent woman seeks friends with time, energy and fitness for outdoor playdates. Brownie points for avid hikers/backpackers, road-cyclists, backcountry skiers, picnicking skills! VM# 1415

LIVING OVERSEAS Average, blond, SWPF living overseas, home for summer in June. Would like to meet , 50-65 for friendship, possible LTR. VM# 1305

OLDER 4 YOUNGER M SWF, 40's, 5'2" ISO SW, unattached, tall, Norwegian, hairy guy, 20's-40's for bike rides, power walks, organic food. Friends first. VM# 1303



REALLY FIT Older landscape gardner, desires woman who believes in equality, knows how to share her feelings, likes to build fires and organic garden. Kisses first. I live in the Friendly neighborhood. Write Blind Box "Kisses First" if the above sounds like you!

COMING TO SOCAL? SWM, 47, 5'10", slender, spiritual, Scorpio, living in Santa Monica. Let me show you oiur downtown. ISO SWF, age open. VM# 1438

EURASIAN Italian looking man in early fifties desires a LTR women of Asian heritage. I am kind, compassionate, and sincere in my quest. I will answer all inquires. VM# 1434

IT'S IN HIS KISS Cute, petite, spunky, fit, shapely mom, Boomer DJPF. Not broken, just quirky, with endearing OCD qualities. Seeking my split-apart for life-long adventures. Must be educated, solvent, fit, love kids and have a higher power. VM# 1433

CURIOUS WOMAN ONLY Not getting the attention you deserve from your man? Feel the thrill, passion, rush, and excitement of being desired again. You deserve it. Me: trustworthy, discreet, witty and fun! VM# 1423

TYROSE TyRose where are you? Don't forget about me! VM# 1413

DINING AND DATING SWM ISO 22-37 yo. Interested in dating as well as eating out, taking walks and doing outdoor things. VM# 1282

ARTISTIC ATHLETE Skiing, biking, cooking, Int. travel fill this aging Boomer's time. ISO intelligent, fit and independent woman for LTR allowing personal growth and commitment to the joy of love. VM# 1278

QUEEN FOR A LIFETIME About 5'10" dark and handsome, gainfully employed , very honest,professional, sincere, playful, witty and caring. ISO with similar attributes to possibly be my queen. E-mail duckfan1000@hotmail.com If you called voice box #9986 before, please try again or email. VM# 1277

SEEKING LOVE BIRD Senior Poet and Pianist is skipping and singing about spring, because he's young at heart, longing for his songbird who will turn the mundane into paradise. VM# 1275

NO STRINGS SWM ISO fun 19-39yo woman to party and dance with who knows themselves. No strings attached. VM# 1270

MR. HAPPY 6', 40's, SWM, educated, fit and loves to kiss! ISO SWDF, 40's, teen kids ok. I would love to spoil you daily. VM# 1268

MY FUTURE WIFE? Race car girl, are you still around? We need to talk. VM# 1265

TYROSE Where are you? Don't forget about me! Email me! Moosejaw. VM# 1296

BORED AND LONELY SWM with oral fetish seeks kind hearted, good natured, and good humored BBW to hang out and have fun with. I like movies, music and the outdoors. Do you? VM# 1294

RESPONSIBLE ACTIVE Attractive, fit, 48, honest, stable. Enjoys cuddling, good communication, golf, tennis, art , reading, movies, gardening. ISO monogamous W with similar interests for LTR. VM# 1288

LOOKING 4 U ISO a fun partner to spend my time with. I'm Italian, 5'7", 155, brown eyes, black hair and medium build. I love to work out and have a good time. VM# 1283






LOOKING FOR OLDER 24, newly resident of Eugene, ISO older gentleman t show me around town looking for LTR. VM# 1456

HEY, BORED MAN I have similar interests, I love a massage! Call me. VM# 1271

REAL ART WM, 60, masculine, confident, ISO 30+ other with muscle one for artwork creation, play on central Oregon Coast. Will feed, be immortal. VM# 1282



NOT ORGASMING You: all alone and not pleasuring yourself. Me: selling items that could bring you to new heights of ecstasy. Come to imagine that and I'll make your dreams come true. VM# 1458

UO MUSCLE BOY I commented about your enlarging arms, you said how much bball you're playing, and maintain weight. You look hot in that cammo shirt. VM# 1457

RUN ME DOWN? Maroon 4-door vehicle, Saturday 5/19. Corner of Harlow and Pheasant Blvd. You flipped me off when you almost ran me down. Bad Karma!

THANKFULLY My purple shirt smells of you. Can you guess how I really want to put my spearmint on? VM# 1454

HW VIDEO Saw you pulling out onto 6th, I waved but you didn't see. You followed at a distance behind. Who' the stalker? VM# 1460

BIG AND SLEEPY Thursday before Country Fair, who knew? Now, I'd be lost without you. Happy Birthday to my baby daddy! VM# 1439

RIPE CHERRY Your skin is perfect porcelain. Your heart is sweet and deep and dark, like a ripe cherry. Let the juice run down my chin.

I LIKE IT Sometimes I can't see you from a distance, which makes me think we should be closer. VM# 1437

ILLINOIS 5th Street coffee. You have beautiful eyes. VM# 1436

OZ FITNESS TRAINER Tuesday 5/15, talked with you about training, and was supposed to return. Sorry, thought you're handsome and nice. You available? VM# 1432

BEAUTIFUL BLONDIE I see you around Hilyard. I love the jewelry you got on your lip and your amazing blue eyes. Call me for a good time. VM# 1431

BENE DELIVERY You were making a delivery of produce, I was walking to Borders. Monday around 11:00. Had to take a chance to see if you were available. VM# 1430

COLORADO STATE TEE You: White male, buzz cut with Irish Setter, River Trail, May 15. 6:30 pm, Yellow Colorado State Tee. Me: Female, brunette, petite, race walking, made eye contact. Available? VM# 1429

BURLY CYCLE FEMALE I see mornings powering up Willamette when I ride my bike to work. Winter time I see you when I drive. Dark, cold, harsh! You amaze me with your inspiration. VM# 1426

BUTTERFLIES You, a gorgeous monarch. I'm a blue swordtail. The butterfly girls need to meet for a cup of nectar from heaven. VM# 1424

REI GUY 5/5 anniversary sale standing in line. You: and Carharts nice smile. Me: petite brunette with black shirt smiling back. Can't stop thinking about you. Should of said hi. Coffee? VM# 1422

GILLY SOOSE Last thing I want to happen is not having you as a friend. I can forget I wrote the note if you can forget you got it. VM# 1421

BEV FROM AUSTRALIA May 1st bus stop. Sorry, distracted, obsessed, should have gotten your number before you got off bus at Freddy's, too soon. You're double take took me. Love. Chance. Call. V. VM# 1420

MUSICAL MOGUL We held hands at the Decemberists concert. The music went inside me. Climb in my igloo? VM# 1419

DO YOU EVER STUDY? I saw you at Roma. You said you had a paper due in 3 hours...so you left and sat on the lawn. How did it go? VM# 1418

TALL AND LOUD You were on the lawn, sitting in the sun, your restaurant laugh reverberating off the buildings. I hear you have a new piercing. I'd like to see it sometime. VM# 1417

MR. GALAVANTER ShaktiStellavatoK. ListALilyLopezandmanymore... Guess who? VM# 1416

40TH DONALD At Safeway you parked next to my white SUV. I had long dark hair and you might have overheard me say to my friend that you were beautiful. VM# 1411

HEY TUTTWEILER Thank you for introducing me to Leda in front of New Frontier. Would you and Leda like to hike Spencer Butte with me sometime? Ask Leda to contact m. VM# 1410

NESS Saw you at work and wish I could see you away from work. Let me know! VM# 1412

MY BABY I see you every day in my dreams. I love you so much! You are the best girlfriend ever! VM# 1406

LIKE US ISO others who have had incidents with the corrupt Eugene Police? Contact us! VM# 1404

DONOVAN Hope you have a great day and your rear is as fabulous as you are. Have a very happy birthday. Foxy lady. VM# 1403

SYRIUS JONES Sat. night Latitude 21! If you know Levi you better be there!!!

CAHOOTS VAN DRIVER Three years since I first met saw you at the YMCA. Never a good time to talk in the weight room. Someplace else? I'm the blonde with glasses! VM# 1402

MS. PINK DEVINE Saw you hop into my car and I just didn't know what to do with the overwhelming stress that accompanied my short drive from UO to your apt. Honestly apologetic. VM# 1399

ELISHA AND SARA Please come back to Lucky's! You rock. B. Liscious. VM# 1280

SWEET LIFE GIRL To the sweet, beautiful smiling pig tailed blond that sells sweets. Don't ever stop smiling! You're the sweetest thing in the bakery! Available? VM# 1279

HOT BLONDIE You: Hot blonde in silver Mitsubishi, saw you running at S. Eugene track. You are awesome! VM# 1276

FED X DRIVER You: White male, Thursday 4-26, 18th and Willamette, 1:00pm. Me: Female brunette lunching at Cafe Yum patio. Made eye contact while you delivered mail. Available? VM# 1273

NURSE AMY You're the sexiest and sweetest ICU nurse ever. Like an angel from heaven. You can be my nurse anytime. Thanks for your sweet care!

FISH N CHIPS Waiting...standing. "We already ordered." Me in blue and you standing close. Not sure if you wanted my wallet or body! Can we talk? Your move. VM# 1272

COOKIECUTTER SKIRT Sweetlife. Mayday. Knee-high socks. One cup of coffee before I go? Holler. VM# 1269

ROUND 4? Saw you in my room Sat. night with your 11 incher. We had fun, very nice, call me for a good time. You're A-Tizzle to the Hott-izzle. xoxo. VM# 1267

APRIL 27TH 9PM You were cute sitting on the sidewalk with your friend. You yelled that I was beautiful, and all I said was thank you. Coffee sometime? VM# 1307

BEATING YOUR DOG! On street near 23rd and Charnelton, punching and kicking your dog is no way to train. Get help.

ANI BANANI Words restricted by compensatory mean, leave lean the chance to explore fully the expanse of warmth you offer this cold soul. You are soul in ultimate void. Love you. VM# 1304

MACACO VELHO 4/27, Luna, my friend "rescued" your friends jacket. I said, "have a nice weekend." Wish I'd said more. Me: black skirt, red shirt. You: black shirt, light pants. VM# 1299

AVENUE MONTAGNE To the pretty girl wearing black and white leggings and green skirt watching a movie with mom. If your old enough can I buy you a drink? Coffee? VM# 1298

MOST BEAUTIFUL MAMA At the market, you and your baby, most beautiful pair. Loved her wrapped up around your chest with your long red hair around her face. Single? VM# 1295


LORI Happy Birthday sexy gal in red. Your a good friend and fun as hell. Let's dance, dance, dance. This May 2007 "build a deck" party.

NICCY STRIKES BACK As I saw you get off that 93 Veneta bus...I felt a connection, and something popping up! VM# 1291

TOOTS CONCERT Up front, you tall blonde, pretty smile, black top behind me. Me: Bob Marley shirt. Would like to see your smile again. VM# 1289

FULL CITY ROAST You: an eleven warrior, peckish and winking. Me: Brawny, philosophical and max. How about a slice of Joe on the house? VM# 1287

LOOKIN' VERY 8BALL I saw you shakin' your thing on Marshall Ave. You need to free yourself from your master, so we can go on a wild adventure. VM# 1286

YMSB BOY You said you liked my hands. That was really nice. Thanks. VM# 1285

SPIDER CIDER You rule so much it hurts. OMG! I am glad that you are cooler than everyone and will have a washboard band and a boyfriend with old time mustache.

CBRG PC BEER BABES Two lovely ladies showed us great Tracktown beer at Coburg PC Friday evening. Mentioned McMenamins. Would you care to join us for IPA-Terminator or Rubinator? VM# 1281



WALKING THE LINE Being comfortable with such a love has been hard not only for me but for you too. Mine are not the only doors being opened. Walking the line to you.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 23 years and still madly in love with you. Maybe I'm crazy, but I know what I want. And I want to make you the happiest woman on the planet. Hopelessly and Helplessly forever yours.

DREAM WEAVER Thank you for my fun care package, been thinking of you. The "captured heart" ankle bracelet was beautiful. Anything but ordinary.

MAMA TUKI Mom I love you as much as all the strands of hair in the world. I am so lucky to have you! Aspen

TO MY WYTCH I love you so much and always miss you when I'm gone. I can't wait to return and be with you again. Love, MM.

LOVE FROM TAIWAN I get a kick from seeing what's new in the Eugene area. I want to thank the EW for letting me send this message. Love you all! EK.

SILLY GOOSE I love you and always will but can we make all this really work?

TINY ENYAY Saw you play on Mayday, I'm your true believer, jacket and cannabanoid, stay up. Biznaga.

PRETTY BLUE EYES Thank you for being everything I wanted, everyday I am greatful you fell into my lap. I love you with all my heart. MT. VM# 1306

I MISS YOU Every day.

U MAKE ME SMILE I want to keep meeting you over and over again... VM# 1280



FROM ME What do you think about dog walks and kickball as a start? VM# 1461

BFFM SUPPORT GROUP In pursuit of "ridiculously low body fat percentage". Rock climbing, running, skiing & mountain biking. Following Tom Venudo's book "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" approach. VM# 1408

TO YOU Where do we begin to and how do we begin to be friends again? Got any ideas? I'm open to suggestions. VM# 1400

FRIEND FOR HIKING ISO outdoor companion to explore the wilds of Oregon this summer. VM# 1281

I MISS YOUR SMELL! I know you said never call you again, no matter where I am, I'm always thinking about you! Need you in my life, at least as a friend. VM# 1274

I'M A JACKASS. Girl from West Chester, Pa. You know who you are. Sorry for what's happened between us. I hope we can still be friends at some point? VM# 1266

GRANDMOTHER'S CIRCLE Creating the Millionth Women's Wisdom circle, uniting hearts and minds with the global Grandmothers' council. Share your wisdom. We talk, support, write, create, we are here for one another. VM# 1302

ATT. RAINBOW HAWK Seeking Rainbow. From Kimber in Florida. VM# 1301

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY! I know this is late, but I know you had a great day. Maybe we can go swimming sometime soon, when it's warmer. You sleeping dragon. VM# 1284



PRACTICE PARTNER M ISO W for rope bondage practice. No sex or full nudity required. VM# 1459

SWING PARTY We are an attractive couple having a swing party a our house. Couples and single woman only. If you are interested in attending please contact us. VM# 1455

I LUV BIG GIRLS Big girls, fat girls, plump girls, plus size girls, whatever you call yourself, must love sex an lots of fun! Hairy girls a plus! VM# 1435

CLEAN AND DISCRETE MWM, 30's, tall, heavy set, straight, ISO discreet tv, ts, cd, gm or couple for secretive mtgs. of fantasy and exploration. Must be clean and discrete. VM# 1414

BITCH B GONE Fifi you are barking up the wrong bee tree. Get your honey somewhere else or dis homebear is gonna bite! VM# 1407

THE RIGHT WOMAN Couple, late 30's. Him: 6'2", 260. Her 5'5" 170. ISO bi female for fun, friendship, and possible LTR with right woman. VM# 1401

COUPLE SEEKS PLAYMATE MWC 30's seeks BiWF to share our lives with. Must be honest, loyal, discreet. Enjoy quiet nights in & other activities. STD free. NS/D/D LTR possibly. VM# 1283

FEELING LONELY? Just broke up with your girlfriend? Haven't see any in awhile? Colorful Pinup girls await you at The Museum of Unfine Art. Cheap prints available. May 14 - 31st. 537 Willamette St.

WRITE SNUGGLEDY Bring fantasy. Hands whispering. Lips lingering in wisps of candlelight. I'm smoke'n older guy. Quite womynly. Who'd show me nude, aglow, creative gate, She mystery. Write blind box "Ms. Free".

SEEKING GENEROUS GENTLEMAN You: generous, financially secure, sugar daddy who wants to spoil and pamper a lovely lady. Me: hot, tall, fit, slender brunette who is sensual, sexy, fun-loving honest and classy. I'm not an escort, but rather a lady looking for a upper-class gentleman who wants to have fun, treat me right and be treated right. VM# 1300

COUPLE SEEKS WOMAN Attractive couple, female 26, male 34, ISO attractive woman for night of pleasure. It will be fun for all! VM# 1297

MASSAGE Couples, 40s in search of fit, accountable, playful couple or women, potlucks, hottub, massage, music. If you have questions? Check it out. VM# 1292

MATURE DOM MALE SWBiM, 49, shaved, slender, cross dresser seeking mature open-minded male for discreet discipline sessions. Love to dress up and ? VM# 1290


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