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Eugene Weekly : 1.17.08


Contemplating Stillness

The J-Schnitz's 'Buddhist Visions' combines art and spirituality

News Shorts:

Disunited Front Going to D.C.

Local Group Wants Rey in Pokey

Paper or, Choke, Plastic 

Oregon's Highest Cougar Kill

Call Centers Prefer U.S. Accent

Challenging Military's Media Blitz

MLK on War and the Spirit of America

Quakers Go Before Fed Judge

Greening the Hood

Lane Area Herbicide Spray Schedule

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes


Idle Threat

Your car's benzene pollution causes cancer


Voter Owned Elections

Sorenson heads effort for campaign finance reform


The Men Who Would Be King

Finalists for Eugene city manager offer strengths, flaws

Happening Person:

The Rev. Stephen Landale

Living Out:

So Close

Tasting our rights


Whither Progressive Talk?

The demise of a partisan, local voice


EW! A Blog.

Letters to the Editor




Jerkin' Around

Circle Jerks get all wound up at WOW Hall


Music Shorts

The Pack, Castanets, Andrew Heringer, BeauSoleil, Winter Folk Festival and Corvallis Mayor's Winter Concert


The week's events at a glance.

Ongoing Calendar:

Schedule of weekly and monthly events.


Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

¡Ask a Mexican!


Savage Love

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's

Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man


Movie Review:

The Savages

The Late Ones

Two siblings care for the father who never did

Movie Review:


Losing Control

A troubled star

Movie Review:

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

No Ordinary Life

Movie Clips:

Movie Clips

Short reviews of what is currently playing

Visual Art:

The Memory Is All

Photos of Peruvian war's devastation at the EMU


The Forgetting Is All

Tokyo's unplanned postwar growth


A Lifetime of Healing

Eugene playwright deals with issues of childhood sexual abuse


Troubled Waters

Can baking and writing transform one freighted night?


Opening Nights

Awake and Sing!, Ring of Fire and So Far From Shore


Love and War

All's not fair (nor foul) in these three books


Long Beach

Take a long walk on Oregon's premier wilderness beach

Eugene Weekly's
Quarterly Restaurant Guide