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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 7.16.09


Axe & Fiddle Walker T. Ryan­8; Blues, $3

Bar 201 Mixology Thursday­7; Jazz fusion, n/c

Black Forest Banda Newsense w/guests­10; Rock, n/c

Blind Pig Open mic­8; n/c

The City DJ Redd Fox­10; Top 40, soul, funk, reggae, n/c

Conway’s Patrick & Giri­8; Rockin’ acoustic, n/c

the country side Blues Jam w/ Paul Biondi & Friends­8; n/c

Cozmic Pizza The Smart Brothers­8; Pop, Americana, $5

Davis’ Brimstone Sounds­11; Hip hop, reggae, n/c

Diablos’ Queer Underground feat. DJ Blue­9; $3

The District Thursday Throwbacks w/DJ Food Stamp­10; Dance, n/c

Downtown Lounge Scottie One & James Green­10; Funk/reggae jam, n/c

Goodfellas Johnny Wilde Band­9:30; n/c

Jo Federigo’s Susurri­8:30; Pop, classical, $3

Joe’s Bar Live hip hop jam­10; n/c

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s 80s Night w/Chris, Dr. Ake & John­10; $3

Lavelles Deb Cleveland & Gus Russell­6; Blues vocals, $5

The Loft at Turtle’s Cobian & Stubbs­7:30; piano, conga drums, n/c

Luckey’s The Ed Forman Show, Ingredients: the Band­10; $2

Mac’s at the Vet’s Club Sing along w/James Cisler­7:30; n/c

One cup café DJ Colin­9; n/c

Overtime Tavern West Side Blues Jam­8; n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Eric Richardson­7; Blues, jazz, n/c

Pour House DJ Amy­10; Dance, n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; n/c

Sam Bond’s The Quick and the Easy Boys, Taste­9; Rock, $5

Spirits Cheap Truck­9; Classic rock, n/c

Territorial Vineyards Etoufee­7; n/c

Wandering Goat Jordan Glenn, Mood Area 52, Tom Heinl­9; Eclectic, n/c

World Flavors Open mic w/Amblin­8; n/c

WOW Hall The Abyssinians, Etana, The Roots Revealers, Medium Troy­8:30; Reggae, $17 adv./$20 door



Agate Alley Bistro Ladiesnjackson­10; Acoustic, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Elephant Revival, The Student Loan­8:30; Americana, bluegrass, $5

Black Forest The Limit Club, The Dicers & guests­10; n/c

The City DJ Simy­10; Top 40, hip hop, blues, n/c 

Cornucopia bar & burgers Sweet Papa Low Down­9:30; Swing, n/c

the country side Sunny Ledford w/ Junior Raimey­9; $17

Cozmic Pizza Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene­8:30; Dance, $4

Diablo’s The Recovery, the Shade­10; $5

The District Bohemian Sound­10; Dance, n/c

Embers Mixed Blood­9; Classic dance, n/c

Epic Space Gifts from Enola, Order of the Robot, Deosyl­8; Rock, $5, all ages

Eugene City Brewery Mr. Bill’s Trivia Show­8; n/c

Goodfella’s Instant Classic­9:30; Rock, n/c

Happy Hours The Alliance­9; Rock, R&B, n/c

Jo Federigo’s Michael Tracey & the Hi-Tones­9; Blues, $5

Jogger’s Club Motion w/DJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

John Henry’s Animal Farm­9; Hip hop, $4

Lavelles Skip Jones and Gus Russell­6; Jazz keyboards, $5

The Loft at Turtle’s Taste­7:30; R&B, n/c

Luckey’s Tornado Rider, The Pioneers of Primetime TV, The Smart Brothers­10; Rock, $5

Mac’s at the Vet’s The Valley Boys­9:30; Classic Rock, $4

Mohawk Tavern Dammit Jim­9; Party rock, n/c

Mulligan’s Teddy Boy Roix & Dave Stone “Teddy’s Annual B-day Bash”­9:30; Blues, n/c

One Cup Cafe Poetry open mic­8; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Basin & Range, The Fulcrum Theory­9; Funk fusion, n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Quackers Open mic blues jam­8:30; Blues, $2, musicians n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; $3

Saginaw Vineyard Tony Rae & Common Ground­6; Jazz, blues, n/c

Sam Bond’s One Horse Shy­9:30; Acoustic, $5

Samurai Duck Semi Evolved Simians, Fistifuks, Scrapyard Swag­6; Rock; Le Burlesque Noir­9; Burlesque

Stables Bar & Grill Church O de Blues w/Bobby 6 Crows­9; n/c

Supreme Bean The Swingin’ Marmalukeys­6; Acoustic swing, n/c

Sweet Cheeks Winery Michael Riopelle­6; Acoustic, variety, n/c

Tiny Tavern Christie & McCallum­9; Honky tonk, n/c

Vet’s Club Ballroom DJ Jose Cruz­10; Salsa, $5

Wandering Goat Hungry Crow Side Show­8; Puppets, n/c, all ages

World Flavors Fiddlin’ Sue­9; Folk, n/c

WOW Hall Pistol Whipped Prophets, Gloria, Brother Bear, Skitzo Punx­8:30; Punk rock, $8 adv./$10 door



Axe & Fiddle Scott Huckabay­8:30; Guitar alchemyst, $10

Black Forest Roller Girl Party & Drag Queen and King Contest ft./London Flush and others­9; n/c

The City DJ Redd Fox­10; Top 40, hip hop, 80s/90s, n/c

Club Snafu The Audio Schizophrenic­9; Electro-mash, $3

Conways Ladies Night­9; n/c

the country side Tripple Header, Michael O'neil­7; Country, $5

Cozmic Pizza Alfonso Maya & Dan Howard­8; Acoustic, $5

Cuthbert Amphitheater Eugene Symphony in the Park­8; Classical, n/c

Davis’ Bohemian Sound­11; Hip hop, rock, $3 

Diablo’s Fetish Ball­9; $10

The District Dance Party w/DJ Phoenix­10; Dance, n/c

Embers Mixed Blood­9; Classic dance, n/c 

Epic Space Brown, Mamiffer, Hemingway, I Died­8; Rock, $5

Goodfella’s Wache the Dead, New World Sinner, Lunatics On Parole­10; Rock n/c

Jo Federigo’s Douglas Detrick Quintet CD Release Party­9; Jazz, classical, $5

Joc’s Pub Broh-Taylor Blues-­8; Blues, n/c

Jogger’s Club Motion w/VJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

Luckey’s Upstate Trio, OTS Trio­10; jazz, $5

Mac’s at the Vet’s The Deb Cleveland Band­9:30; R&B, blues, $4

Mohawk Tavern Dammit Jim­9; Party rock, n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Tullis, Drebin, First Sleep­9; Rock, n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Brothers of Beat & Papa Soul­9; n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Quackers Go 2 11­9:30; Rock, $2

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G­9; $3

Sam Bond’s Jamalia, Tree Frogs­10; Jam band, $5

Samurai Duck Fight Before Surrender, UniSEF­5; Rustmine, Only Nightmares­9; Rock

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Hip hop

Wandering Goat Dubious, Green is for Go!, Lonesome Randall­9; Rock, n/c

World Flavors Hannahfield-­9; Gypsy reggae, n/c

WOW Hall Rootdown ft./Paul Wright, Caleb & Sol, Jackson­7; Christian rock, reggae, $10 adv./$12 door



Conways Service Industry Night­9; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Halie Loren, Inga Swearingen­8; Jazz, pop, $10

Cuthbert Amphitheater Chicago--­Rock, $39/$64 res./$114 res.

Goodfella’s Johnny Wilde’s jamorama­9:30; n/c

Jazz Station All-ages jazz jam­4; Don. 

John Henry’s Broadway Revue­10; Burlesque, $5

Max’s Steve Ibach­8; n/c

Mulligan’s Open mic­8:30; n/c

Sam Bond’s Brian Cutean, Alexa Woodward­8:30; Rock, $5

Villard St. Pub Bingo­7; $1



The Astoria Open Mic­8; All genres, n/c

The City Movie Night—9; n/c

Davis’ Super-Chill Mondays w/Marty Chilla & Co.­8; Acoustic, variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Bingo­8; n/c

Sam Bond’s Bingo­9; n/c

Samurai Duck Cinder Circus­11; Fire dancing, n/c

Villard St. Pub Pub Trivia­8



Axe & Fiddle Poetry Night­7; Poetry, n/c

Black Forest Rooster Blues Jam­8; n/c

CD World William Fitzsimmons­6; Singer-songwriter, n/c

The City iPod Night­6; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Matemai Mbira & Hokoyo Marimba­7; Mbira, marimba, $7-15

The District Open Mic­9; Variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Open mic­7

Epic Space The Sawyer Family, Goddamn Gallows­8; Rock, $5, all ages

Jo Federigo’s The Kenny Reed Comedown­8:30; Jazz, $2

John Henry’s Cypher Room, freestyle open mic­9; n/c

Luckey’s Jesse Meade, Jeremy Pruitt, Tony & Nora­10; Pop, blues

Max’s e. geek’s Knowledge Knights­7:30; n/c

McShane’s Tricycle races­7; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Tuesday Night Tryouts: Free Bananas & guests­9; n/c

Peabody’s Patrick & Giri­7:30; Rockin’ acoustic, n/c

Sam Bond’s Bluegrass jam­9; n/c

Stables Bar & Grill Stable Jam w/Johnny Wilde­9; n/c

Taboo DJ Tekneek­10; Zydeco, Cajun, Creole, n/c

World Cafe Open mic—7; n/c

WOW Hall William Fitzsimmons w/Jenny Owen Youngs­7:30; Singer-songwriter, $10 adv./$12 door



Agate Alley Bistro Phenwick’s Acoustic Corner: Inner Limits­8:30; Acoustic, n/c

The Astoria B.Y.O.V. vinyl listening party­8:30; n/c

The City 80’s night­9; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Family Night: Rob Tobias­6; n/c, all ages

Davis’ Post Modern Wednesday w/Marty Chilla & Co.­9; Acoustic, n/c

Downtown Lounge Blues Jam­8; n/c

Epic Space Grimmnir, Arkhum, Almost is Nothing , Armed for Apocalypse, Funeral Pyre­8; Rock, $5, all ages

Eugene City Brewery Bingo­7:30; n/c

Goodfella’s Dave Cooper classic rock/Beatles jam­8; n/c

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek­10; Reggae vs. hip hop

Koho Bistro/Azul Open Mic/UJAM 2-­7; Variety, n/c, all ages

The Loft at Turtle’s Olem Alves Duo­7:30; n/c

Max’s Lonesome Randall­7; Rock-N-Roll history, n/c

Monroe St. Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

Mulligans Open Mic­9; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Audio Schizophrenic­9; Electro-mash, n/c

One Cup Cafe Open Mic/jam­7; n/c

Pizza Research Institute King Toby, DJ Crown & guests­7; Roots, dub, n/c

Quackers Open Mic Blues Jam­8:30, $2

Sam Bond’s Open Mic w/Uncle T­9; Variety, n/c

Samurai Duck Tragic Ends, Lunatics on Parole­9; Rock

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Jazzy house, hip hop, disco; n/c



Bombs Away Café 

2527 NW Monroe Ave

Storyhill­9; $10

Bonton Roulette­10; $5

Eoe­10; $5

Sam Holmes­9; $3


140 NW 3rd St

FR Latin X Night w/Rumbanana Salsa Group­10; Dance, n/c

Downward Dog Pub

130 SW 1st

The Turntable Enabler­10:30

Dixie Creek Saloon

32994 Hwy. 99 E. Tangent

Jake Payne & Dixie Creek­7; n/c


1115 SE Third

Al Rivers­8; Blues, n/c

the Unreal w/BC­8; Spoken word, theater, n/c

Karl Smiley­7; Americana roots, n/c

Open Mic Talent Search­8



Black Forest (9)

Country Side (8)

Goodfella’s (9:30)


Country Side (8)

Bugsy’s (8)

Country Side (8)

Diablo’s (9)

Goodfella’s (9:30)

Joggers (9)

Mohawk Tavern (8)

The O Bar (9)

Taylor’s (10)


Cornucopia (9)

Country Side (8)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Pour House (9)

World Flavors (8)


Axe & Fiddle (7)

The Cooler (9:30)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Forte’s Sports Bar (6)

Happy Hours (8:30)

Macenzi’s Too (7)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Oak St. Speakeasy (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

The Old Pad (9)

Pour House (9)

Village Green (9)


AJ’s Hideaway (9)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Eldorado (9)

Game Time Pizza (8)

The O Bar (10)

O’Donnell’s (9)

OK Tavern (9)

Moon Upstairs (7)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Pour House (9)

Quacker’s (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Sam’s Place (8)

Tapatio (9)

Tomahawk (9)


AJ’s Hideaway (9)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Eldorado (9)

Macenzi's Too (7)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Mulligan’s Pub (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Pour House (9)

Quacker’s (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Sam’s Place (8)

Tapatio (9)

Tommy’s B&G (9)


Country Side (9)

Diablo’s (8)

Forte’s (6)

Happy Hour’s (6)

Original Joe’s (6:30)

Our Place (8)

Prime Time (8)

Rodeo Steakhouse (5)



The Clubs:

20 EAST 20 E. Broadway • 343-0196

AGATE HALL 18th & Agate St.

THE ASTORIA 2406 W. 11th • 465-2277

AX BILLY 999 Willamette St. • 494-4011

AXE & FIDDLE 657 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

BEANERY 152 W. 5th • 342-3378

BEL AMI LOUNGE 1591 Willamette St. • 485-6242

BLACK FOREST 50 E. 11th Ave. • 686-6619

BORDERS BOOKS 5 Oakway Center • 345-6072

CAMPBELL CLUB 17th & Alder St.

THE CITY 2222 MLK Jr. Blvd. • 343-4734

CLUB 420 420 Main St., Spfd.

CLUB SNAFU 64 W. 8th Alley • 342-3272

CONWAYS 5658 Main St., Spfd.

THE COOLER 20 Centennial Loop • 484-4355

CORNUCOPIA 295 W. 17th. • 485-2300

COUNTRY INN 4100 Country Farm Rd • 345-7344

COUNTRY SIDE 4740 Main St., Spfd. • 744-1594

COZMIC PIZZA 199 W. 8th Ave. • 338-9333

DIABLO'S/DOWNTOWN LOUNGE 959 Pearl St. • 343-2346

DUCK INN 1795 W. 6th Ave. • 302-9206

EARL'S JUKE JOINT 1712 Ivy St., Junction City • 998-5688

ELDORADO 3000 W. 11th Ave. • 683-4580

EMERALD CITY COFFEE HOUSE 347 W. 5th • 342-2420  

EUGENE CITY BREWERY 844 Olive St. • 345-4155

FOUR CORNERS HOP HOUSE 2750 Roosevelt Blvd.

GOODFELLAS 117 S. 14th St., Spfd. • 726-9815

HAPPY HOURS 645 River Rd. • 463-7632

HIGHLANDS PUB 390 E. 40th Ave. • 485-4304 

INDIGO DISTRICT 1290 Oak St. • 434-6553

THE JAZZ STATION 68 W. Broadway • 345-3315

JOGGER'S 710 Willamette • 343-0224

JOHN HENRY'S 77 W. Broadway • 342-3358

THE KEG 4711 W. 11th Ave. • 345-5563

LATITUDE 21 25 W. 6th Ave. • 338-9000

LAVELLES 5th St. Pub. Mkt • 338-9875

LONE STAR I-5 at Coburg • 686-8686


LUCKEY'S 933 Olive St. • 687-4643

LUNA 30 E. Broadway • 434-5862

MACHO'S PIZZA 96 Mill St., Creswell • 895-2700

MACENZI'S TOO 24967 Hwy. 126, Veneta • 935-3400

MAC'S AT THE VET'S 1626 Willamette • 344-8600

MAIN ST. EUGENE 2303 W. 7th.• 484-9771

MAX'S 550 E. 13th Ave. • 349-8986

MCDONALD THEATRE 1010 Willamette St.

MCSHANE'S 86495 College View Rd. • 747-4031

MONROE ST. CAFE 1123 Monroe St. • 342-8158

MULLIGAN'S PUB 2841 Willamette • 484-1727

OAK ST. SPEAKEASY 915 Oak St. • 284-4000

OLD PAD 3355 E. Amazon. • 686-5022

O'DONNELL'S IRISH PUB 295 Hwy. 99 N. • 688-4902

OREGON WINE WAREHOUSE 943 Olive St. • 342-8598

OUR PLACE 796 Hwy. 99N • 463-7966

OVERTIME GRILL 770 S. Bertelsen • 342-5028

PAPA'S SOUL FOOD KITCHEN 4th & Blair. • 342-7500

PEABODY'S 444 E. 3rd Ave. • 484-2927

THE POUR HOUSE 444 N. 42nd, Spfd. • 746-1337

QUACKERS 2105 W. 7th Ave. • 485-5925

RAVEN A PUB 160 W. 6th St., Junction City • 988-3738

RED LION HOTEL 205 Coburg Rd. • 746-4935

RICK'S PUB 20 Hwy. 99 N • 344-3074

ROCK 'N' RODEO 44 E. 7th Ave. • 344-1293

RODEO STEAKHOUSE 1537 Mohawk, Spfd. • 747-6024

SAM BOND'S GARAGE 407 Blair • 431-6603

SAM'S PLACE 825 Wilson St. • 484-4455


SHADY PINES 542 W. Broadway

SPIRITS 1714 Main St., Spfd • 726-0113

TABOO 23 W. 6th Ave. • 338-8787

TANGO CENTER 194 W. Broadway • 349-8682

TAYLOR'S BAR & GRILL 894 E. 13th Ave. • 344-6174

TERRITORIAL VINEYARDS 907 W. 3rd • 684-9463

TIME OUT 5256 Main St., Spfd. • 746-2148

TINY TAVERN 394 Blair Blvd. • 687-8383

TOMMY'S B&G 1509 Mohawk, Spfd. • 744-0811

TOM'S TAPPER 4095 Franklin Blvd. • 726-8054

TRACKSTIRS 3350 Gateway St., Spfd. • 726-1262

UNCLE JACK'S 420 Main St., Spfd.

VET'S CLUB BALLROOM 1626 Willamette St.

VILLAGE GREEN 725 Row River Rd., Cottage Grove

THE VINTAGE 837 Lincoln St.

WETLANDS 922 Garfield St. • 345-3606

WANDERING GOAT 268 Madison St.

WORLD CAFE 449 Blair Blvd. • 345-1695

WORLD FLAVORS 1044 Willamette St.

WOW HALL 291 W. 8th Ave. • 687-2746

YUKON JACK'S 4th & W. Bdwy., Veneta • 935-1921