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Eugene Weekly : 12.24.09


Just Give It!

Feel that holiday spirit (and save on your taxes too)

News Shorts:

Eugene Has a Money Tree

CALC Group Condemns Neo-Nazi Talk

Costly Cops to Jail Homeless

Who Was the Man Behind the Camera?

Bird Counting Expanding This Year

Canvassing for Measures 66 & 67

Activist Alert

War Dead 

Happening People:

Lane Kagay

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes

Natural Resistance:

The Precautionary Principle

A long-term perspective for Lane County


Cannabis Café?

The conundrum of access to medical pot


Flawed Biomass Permit

Critical errors demand community input 

Letters to the Editor

On The Blogs:




What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

A roundup of live music in local venues


The week's events at a glance.


Music at the clubs


Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

¡Ask a Mexican!

Savage Love

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's

Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man



Movie Review:


Same Shit, Different Planet

Saddle up, space cowboys, for a whole new world

Movie Review:

The Road

After Life

A father and son at world’s end

Movie Review:


Not Forgotten

Precious gives voice to the voiceless

Visual Art:

Challenges and Changes

Jill Hartz on the past, present and future of the J-Schnitz


First Comes Marriage

Eugene Opera opens starry season with Mozart


Pink, Poignant and Fun

Lauren Myracle's Luv Ya Bunches


The City and the City

Jonathan Lethem takes Mahattan




Eugene Weekly's Quarterly Restaurant Guide


The State of Suds 2009


Eugene Weekly's Annual Nightlife & Drinking Issue