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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 12.31.09


Agate Alley Bistro New Year’s Eve Party­8:20; n/c

Astoria Bar Seven Surfers, Y-Nos­9; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Mid Life Crisis, Donald 5 Pennies­Rock, DJ, n/c

Black Forest There Will Be Robots, New World Sinner, Only Nightmares­10; n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Blueprint 90s Night w/DJ Tekneek­8; Hip hop

Café Maroc Belly Dancing ft./Regina Ann­6:45, 8; n/c

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers NYE Party w/Upstate Trio­11; Rock

Country Side New Year’s Eve Party w/Coyote Creek­9; $10

Cozmic Pizza New Year’s Eve w/Samba Ja, Beat Crunchers, Tchioub Diwan­10; $5

Davis’ Brimstone Sounds­11; Hip hop, reggae, n/c

The District Thursday Throwbacks w/DJ Food Stamp­10; Dance, n/c

Downtown Lounge James Green’s Funk Jam­9; n/c; Best of Eugene w/Bill Shreve & Gayle Russell­10; $8

Goodfella’s Cheap Truck­9:30; Rock&roll, n/c

Holy Donuts! Café Americanistan, Razia & Dunyah­7; Variety, $30

Joe’s Bar New Year’s Eve Party w/Bad Mitten Orchestre, Unkle Nancy, Night Flight­9; Variety, n/c

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s ‘80s Night­9; $3

The Loft at Turtle’s Cobian & Stubbs­7:30; piano, conga drums, n/c

Luckey’s Volifonix, Parti Band­10; Funk, pop, $5/$8

Macenzi’s Too Roughstock­9; Country, rock, n/c

Mac’s at the Vet’s Big Monte­9:30; Blues, $10

McDonald Theatre Floater­9; Rock, alternative, $20/$25

McShane’s Bingo­7; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy New Year’s Eve Party w/The Oath, Ninth Moon Black, Big Hammer Theory­9; Ambient, metal, n/c

One Cup Cafe Busket­7; Rock, open mic, n/c

Overtime Tavern West Side Blues Jam­8; n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Eric Richardson­7; Blues, jazz, n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; n/c

Sam Bond’s Garage Dinner Show w/Moonbox­6; Acoustic, n/c; New Year’s Eve w/The Sugar Beets­10; Folk, rock, $10

Spirit’s NYE Show w/Go 2 11­9; Classic rock, n/c

Vet’s Club Ballroom Ty Curtis w/The Vipers­9:30; $15/$20

WOW Hall Medium Troy, Twinkle Thizz & the Big Dippers, The T Club w/SolaRay Fire Tribe, Mossy Top­9; Bohemian dub, reggae, $10/$12



Astoria Bar The Timbreines­9; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Tara Stonecipher, Whopner County Country All Stars­8; Acoustic, $3

Black Forest Just the Tip­10; n/c

Blueprint “Vinyl Assassins” w/DJ Tekneek & DJ Rolo­9; Top 40, hip hop

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

The District Bohemian Sound­10; Hip hop, pop, n/c

Downtown Lounge Strange Arrangement, Mad Hatter Strikeout­10; Rock, n/c

Embers Mixed Blood­9; Classic dance, n/c

Eugene City Brewery Mr. Bill’s Trivia Show­8; n/c

Happy Hours The Alliance Party Band w/Peter Giri, Paul Biondi, Mike Brewer, Pete the Beat, Skip Jones­9; Blues, rock, n/c

Jogger’s Club Motion w/DJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

Macenzi’s Too Roughstock­9; Country, rock, n/c

Mohawk Tavern The M-80s­9; ‘80s dance rock, n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Pizza Research Institute Jason Butterworth Duo­6:30; Jazz, soul, n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; $3

Sam Bond’s Dan Jones & The Squids, Tom Heinl, 14 Girls­9:30, $5

Spirit’s Go 2 11­9; Classic rock, n/c

Stables Bar & Grill Church O de Blues Songwriter’s Salute­9; n/c

Vet’s Club Ballroom DJ Jose Cruz­10; Salsa, $5



Ax Billy Grill Mike Denny Quartet­8; Jazz, n/c, all ages

Axe & Fiddle Phantom Buzz­8:30; Jazz, swing, $3

Black Forest The Athiarchists­10; n/c

Blueprint Reefa Madness Crew w/DJ Tekneek, DJ Kal-El­9; Hip hop, reggae

Bugsy’s Justin Case­9; Classic rock, n/c

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

Club Snafu The Audio Schizophrenic­9; Electro-mash, $3

Conways Ladies Night­9; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Stagger & Sway­10; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Hootenanny w/The Conjugal Visitors­7; $5/$10

The District Dance Party w/DJ Phoenix, Reverie Go-Go Dancers­10; Dance, n/c

Downtown Lounge Sound Bucket­10; Funk, n/c

Jogger’s Club Motion w/VJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

Luckey’s Alpha Dahlia, Corpus Callosum­10; Experimental, $5

Mohawk Tavern The M-80s­9; ‘80s dance rock, n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Big Bike Ride, Moher, Three Way Stereo­9; Rock, n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Brothers of Beat­9; n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G­9; $3

Sam Bond’s Excellent Gentlemen, Sin City­9:30; Rock, $5

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Hip hop

Tsunami Books Four Shillings Short­7; Celtic, folk, Don.

Wandering Goat Brian Patrick­9; Acoustic, n/c, all ages



Jazz Station All Ages Jazz Jam­4; Jazz, $2/$6 Don.

John Henry’s Broadway Revue­10; Burlesque, $5

Max’s Steve Ibach­8; n/c

Mulligan’s Open Mic­8:30; n/c

Sam Bond’s Soothsayers, Los Mex Pistoles del Norte, Cascadia’s Ecosystem Advocates­8:30; $3/$20

Village Green Chris Klein­8; Pop, folk

Villard St. Pub Bingo­7; $1



The City Movie Night­9; n/c

Davis’ Marty Chilla & Co.­8; Acoustic, variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Big Cash Bingo­8; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Rye Wolves, Warcola, Order of  the Vulture­9; Metal, n/c

Sam Bond’s Open Mic w/Uncle T.­8; n/c

Villard St. Pub Trivia Night w/Keith A­9



Axe & Fiddle Open Mic, Community Sharing Benefit­6:30; Don.

Black Forest Rooster Blues Jam­7:30; n/c

Blueprint Bring your own iPod, DJ Tekneek­10; Hip hop, club

The City iPod Night­6; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Jesse Meade­10; Acoustic, soul, n/c

The District Open Mic­9; Variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Open Mic­7

El Corral Jim Garcia, Leonard Cirino­7; Corridos, poetry, n/c

Jazz Station Invisible Arts Project­8; Jazz, $5

Max’s e. geek’s Knowledge Knights­7:30; n/c

McShane’s Tricycle races­9; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Ghost House Goth Dance Party­9; ‘80s dance night, n/c

Peabody’s Patrick & Giri­7:30; Rockin’ acoustic, n/c

Sam Bond’s Bluegrass Jam­9; Bluegrass, n/c

Stables Bar & Grill Stables Jam w/Johnny Wilde­9; n/c

Village Green Jay Schlotterbeck Quartet­8; Jazz

World Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

World Flavors Real Jazz w/Kenny Reed & Stone Cold Jazz­8; Jazz, n/c



Agate Alley Bistro Phenwick’s Acoustic Corner­9:30; n/c

The Astoria B.Y.O.V. vinyl listening party­8:30; n/c

Country Side DJ QBN­9; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Free Family Night: The Uncle Bunkle Show­6; Humor, songs, n/c, all ages

Davis’ Levi Poasa Trio­8; Acoustic, folk

Downtown Lounge Blues Jam w/The Downtown Blues Band­8; Blues, n/c

Eugene City Brewery Bingo­7:30; n/c

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek­10; Reggae vs. hip hop

Koho Bistro/Azul Open Mic/UJAM2-­7; Variety, n/c, all ages

Max’s Lonesome Randall­7; Rock-N-Roll historian, n/c

Monroe St. Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

Mulligans Open Mic­9; n/c

One Cup Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

Pizza Research Institute King Toby, DJ Crown & guests­7; Roots, dub, n/c

Quackers Blues Jam w/Ray McCauley­8:30, $2/musicians free

Sam Bond’s Ape Cave (formerly Church), Baitball­9; Rock, n/c

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Jazzy house, hip hop

Village Green Jay Schlotterbeck Quartet­8; Jazz



The Beanery

500 SW 2nd St.

Siobhan Music & Dance Showcase­7

Cloud 9

126 SW 1st St.

New Year’s Eve w/Lost Tortoise, Ambush Party­7; Rock, funk

Loaded for Bear­10; Rock, piano

Downward Dog Pub

130 SW 1st St.

The Turntable Enabler­10:30; Hip hop, soul

Kid Couture­11; DJ


1115 SE 3rd St.

New York New Year’s Eve w/Julie Williams & Peggy Malcolm­6 & 9

Gabriel Surley­7; Singer/songwriter

SU Rick & Lavinia Ross­7; Americana, R&B

Open Mic Talent Search­8; Variety




The Astoria (9)

Black Forest (9)

Country Side (8)

Goodfella’s (9)


Country Side (8)

Bugsy’s (8)

Country Side (8)

Diablo’s (9)

Goodfella’s (9)

Joggers (9)

Mohawk Tavern (8)

The O Bar (9)

Taylor’s (10)

Village Inn (9)


Black Forest (9)

The City (9)

Cornucopia (9)

Country Side (8)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Pour House (9)World Flavors (8)


Axe & Fiddle (7)

The Cooler (9:30)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Happy Hours (8:30)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Oak St. Speakeasy (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

The Old Pad (9)

The Tankard (7)

Village Green (9)


Cornerstone Pub (8)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Eldorado (9)

Game Time Pizza (8)

The O Bar (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

OK Tavern (9)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Moon Upstairs (6)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Quackers (8)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Rodeo (9)

Sam’s Place (8)

Strike City (9)

Tapatio (9)

Tomahawk (9)

Village Inn (9)


Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Eldorado (9)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Mulligan’s Pub (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Quacker’s (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Sam’s Place (8)

Tapatio (9)

Tommy’s B&G (9)

Village Inn (9)


Country Side (8)

Diablo’s (8)

Goodfella’s (9)

Happy Hour’s (6)

Original Joe’s (6:30)

Our Place (8)

Prime Time (8)

Rodeo Steakhouse (5)

World Flavors (8)