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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 1.21.10


Axe & Fiddle Musician’s Spotlight w/Larry Barkemeyer­7; n/c

Black Forest God Hates Comedy­9; Comedy, n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Blueprint 90s Night w/DJ Tekneek­8; Hip hop

Café Maroc Belly Dancing ft./Inanna­6:30, 7:45; n/c

Centro Renee De La Prade, Amber Lee & the Anomalies, Aeon Now­7; Accordion, $1/$5 Don.

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

Country Side Paul Biondi & Earl “The Pearl” “102nd Birthday Bash”­8; Jam

Cozmic Pizza LCAS Benefit Show: Apropos Musique, 3rd National Band­7; Benefit, $5/$20

Davis’ Brimstone Sounds­11; Hip hop, reggae, top 40, n/c

The District Thursday Throwbacks w/DJ Food Stamp­10; Dance, n/c

Downtown Lounge James Green’s Funk Jam­9; n/c

Eugene Coffee Company Open Mic­7; Variety

Goodfella’s Cheap Truck­9:30; Rock&roll, n/c

Joe’s Bar Ladies Night w/DJ Redd Fox­9

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s ‘80s Night­9; $3

The Loft at Turtle’s Cobian & Stubbs­7:30; piano, conga drums, n/c

Lavelles Gus Russell­6; Jazz, blues piano, n/c

Luckey’s Mini Mansions (feat. Mike from Queens of the Stone Age), Asleep at the Switch­10; Indie, punk, $5

Mac’s at the Vet’s Musicians Showcase w/James Cisler­8; $3

McShane’s Bingo­7; n/c

One Cup Cafe Busket­7; Rock, open mic, n/c

Overtime Tavern West Side Blues Jam­8; n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Eric Richardson­7; Blues, jazz, n/c

Peabody’s Pub Metolius Rising­7; Classic rock

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; n/c

Sam Bond’s Garage Yogoman Burning Band­9; Rock, $5

Spirit’s Johnny Wilde­9; Rock, blues, n/c

Territorial Vineyards Molasses­5; Old-time, jug band; n/c

Wandering Goat Test Face, Castanets, Tigersaw, Alps of Newsouth Wales­8; Acoustic, indie, n/c, all ages

WOW Hall Rebirth Brass Band, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk­8; Jazz, funk, $18/$20



Axe & Fiddle Low Tide Drifters, Raina Rose­8; Folk, acoustic, $3

Black Forest Instant Quakers, The Dynamic System­10; n/c

Blueprint “Vinyl Assassins” w/DJ Tekneek & DJ Rolo­9; Top 40, hip hop

Café Maroc Belly Dancing ft./Elena Villa­6:45, 8; n/c

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Sum Guyz­10; n/c

Country Side Jonathan Harris­9; Country, $5

Cozmic Pizza Global Infusion 3­8; Belly dance, world electronica, $10

Creswell Coffee & Wine Timothy Patrick­7; Pop, blues, $3

The District Bohemian Sound­10; Hip hop, pop, n/c

Downtown Lounge Escort Service w/Zelly Rock, Synthsizer Voice, Alcyon Massive, Brothers Keeper­10; $3/$7

Embers Mixed Blood­9; Classic dance, n/c

Eugene City Brewery Mr. Bill’s Trivia Show­8; n/c

Eugene Coffee Co. Kathy Marshall­7; Vocals, n/c

Happy Hours The Valley Boys­8; Rock&roll, n/c

Jogger’s Club Motion w/DJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

Lavelles Gus Russell­6; Jazz, blues piano, n/c

Luckey’s The Conjugal Visitors­10; Jug band, $3

Macenzi’s Too DJ & Dancing w/DJ Redd Fox­9; n/c

Mac’s at the Vet’s Michael Tracy & the Hi-Tones feat. Paul Biondi­9:30; $4

McDonald Theatre Gabriel Iglesias­7:30; Comedy, $36.50

Mohawk Tavern Bent­9; Rock&roll, n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy The Essentials, Taste­9; Neo-soul, funk, n/c

Overtime Grill dubious, Van Wenda­8:30; Rock, funk, n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Pizza Research Institute Jason Butterworth Duo­6:30; Jazz, soul, n/c

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds­9; $3

Sam Bond’s Matt Haimovitz­9; Cello, $12

The Shedd Herb Alpert & Lani Hall­7:30; Trumpet, $32/$44/$56/$68

Spirit’s Normal Bean­9

Stables Bar & Grill Church O de Blues Songwriter’s Salute­9; n/c

Supreme Bean The Traceys­6; 3-part harmony, blues, n/c

Tiny Tavern Lonesome Randall­9; Rock&roll historian, n/c

Vet’s Club Ballroom DJ Jose Cruz­10; Salsa, $5

Village Green The Johnny Wilde Band­9; Rock&roll, n/c

Wandering Goat Skate Park Benefit w/Filthy Heathens, Manitoba Lights, Brother Bear & the Skitzo Punks­8; Punk, all ages, don.

World Flavors Just the Tip­9; Rock

WOW Hall Anthony B w/Medium Troy­10; Reggae, $20/$25



Axe & Fiddle Aeon Now, Mary Love, John Hill­7; Variety, $3

B&B Lounge Cowbow Cadillac­8; Country, rockabilly, n/c

Black Forest Septic Burial, Ladon­10; n/c

Blueprint Reefa Madness Crew w/DJ Tekneek, DJ Kal-El­9; Hip hop, reggae

Bugsy’s The Valley Boys­9; Rock&roll, n/c

Café Maroc Belly Dancing ft./Regina Ann­6:45, 8; n/c

The City DJ Tunes!­10; DJ, variety, n/c

Club Snafu The Audio Schizophrenic­9; Electro-mash, $3

Conways Ladies Night­9; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Science Heroes­10; n/c

Country Side Jonathan Harris­9; Country, $5

Cozmic Pizza Jose Cruz Salsa Dance­9; Salsa, $5

Creswell Coffee & Wine Inoke­7; R&B, blues, $3

Dexter Lake Club Brian Chevalier­7; Folk, delta blues, n/c

The District Dance Party w/DJ Phoenix, Reverie Go-Go Dancers­10; Dance, n/c

Downtown Lounge Tullis, El Swampo­10; n/c

Happy Hours The Vicki Stevens Band­8; Rock, blues, n/c

House Concert Laura Love's Rolling & Tumbling House Concert-Reservations at 683-8556; $15-$20

Joe’s Bar DabbleDooYa­10; Jam band 

Jogger’s Club Motion w/VJ Ty­9:30; Hip hop, R&B & more

Luckey’s Cap’n Trips­10; Jerry Garcia tribute, $5

Mac’s at the Vet’s David Vest & His Willing Victims, Paul Delays­9:30; Blues, R&B, $7

Mohawk Tavern Bent­9; Rock&roll, n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Mood Area 52, Testface, Jon Timm­9; Americana, tango, n/c

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen Brothers of Beat­9; n/c

Peabody’s Dan Henson­9; 70s/80s/90s, n/c

Quackers Go 2 11­9; Rock, $3

Rock ‘N’ Rodeo DJ Diamond G­9; $3

Sam Bond’s Fulero & Day­9:30; Elliot Smith tribute, $5

The Shedd The Bill Frisell Trio­7:30; Variety, $22/$28/$34

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Hip hop

Tiny Tavern The Autopsies, 1000, Casu Marzu-9; n/c

Tsunami Books John Sarantos­7; Native American flute, $12/$15; Sri Josh Feinberg w/Sri Ravi Albright-Tabla­8; Sitar, $10

Vet’s Club Boomer Dance­7:30; Pajama party

Village Green The Johnny Wilde Band­9; Rock&roll, n/c

WOW Hall Northwest Royale’s Final Show, Dome Shots, Enkrya, Still Dead­9; Hard Rock, $8/$10



Cozmic Pizza Melissa Ruth, Alison Losik­7; Folk, $1/$5

Excelsior Bistro Gus Russell & Laurie Hammond­5:30; Jazz, blues, n/c

Helios Studio Round Mountain w/Kef­7; Variety, all ages, $5/$10

Hult Center The Pink Floyd Experience­7; Tribute, $25/$29/$37

Jazz Station All Ages Jazz Jam­4; Jazz, $2/$6 Don.

John Henry’s Broadway Revue­10; Burlesque, $5

Mulligan’s Open Mic­8:30; n/c

Sam Bond’s Horsefeathers, Betty & the Boy­8:30; Rock, $5

Tsunami Books Al Rivers, Gregg Biller, Johnny Schiller, Jerry Zybach, John B.­4; Blues, $3

Village Green Chris Klein­8; Pop, folk

Villard St. Pub Bingo­7; $1

WOW Hall Rebelution, SOJA, Zion I­8; Reggae, hip hop, $15/$17



The City Movie Night­9; n/c

Davis’ Marty Chilla & Co.­7; Acoustic, variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Big Cash Bingo­8; n/c

Sam Bond’s Open Mic w/Uncle T.­8:30; Variety, n/c

Villard St. Pub Trivia Night w/Keith A­9



Axe & Fiddle Open Mic­7; n/c

Black Forest Rooster Blues Jam­7:30; n/c

Blueprint Bring your own iPod, DJ Tekneek­10; Hip hop, club

Café Maroc Belly Dancing ft./Rayshell­6:30, 7:45; n/c

The City iPod Night­6; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Jesse Meade­10; Acoustic, soul, n/c

The District Open Mic­9; Variety, n/c

Downtown Lounge Open Mic­7

El Corral Jim Garcia, Leonard Cirino­7; Corridos, poetry, n/c

Jazz Station Invisible Arts Project­8; Jazz, $5

Joe’s Bar Maca Rey­10; Funkadelic

Max’s e. geek’s Knowledge Knights­7:30; n/c

McShane’s Tricycle races­9; n/c

Peabody’s Patrick & Giri­7:30; Rockin’ acoustic, n/c

Sam Bond’s Bluegrass Jam­9; Bluegrass, n/c

Stables Bar & Grill Stables Jam w/Johnny Wilde­9; n/c

Village Green Jay Schlotterbeck Quartet­8; Jazz

World Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

World Flavors Real Jazz w/Kenny Reed & Stone Cold Jazz­8; Jazz, n/c

WOW Hall Kool Keith, Foreign Objects­8; Hip hop, $15/$18



The Astoria B.Y.O.V. vinyl listening party­8:30; n/c

Country Side “DJ At the Country Side”­9; n/c

Cozmic Pizza Family Night­6; Science demos, n/c

Downtown Lounge Blues Jam w/The Downtown Blues Band­8; Blues, n/c

Eugene City Brewery Bingo­7:30; n/c

Jogger’s DJ Tino­10; Hip hop, R&B, dancehall, n/c

John Henry’s DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek­10; Reggae vs. hip hop

Koho Bistro/Azul Open Mic/UJAM2-­7; Variety, n/c, all ages

Luckey’s The Dead Americans, Street Light Suzie, The Oregon Donors­10; Rock, country

Max’s Lonesome Randall­7; Rock historian, n/c

Monroe St. Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

Mulligans Open Mic­9; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Casu Marzu, Sudden Infant, Sixes, Vivimancer, Tamahumara­9; Metal, n/c

One Cup Cafe Open Mic­7; n/c

Pizza Research Institute King Toby, DJ Crown & guests­7; Roots, dub, n/c

Quackers Blues Jam w/Ray McCauley­8:30, $2/musicians free

Sam Bond’s Moniker CD Release, Kristen Proffit­9; Rock, n/c

Taylor’s DJ Simy­10; Jazzy house, hip hop

Village Green Jay Schlotterbeck Quartet­8; Jazz



The Beanery

500 SW 2nd St.

Mike McLaren­8

Comfort Zone­7

Cloud 9

126 SW 1st St.

Cave Country­9; Indie, country, 

FR Michael Alexander­10; Acoustic, country

The Angries, The Wobblies & Latch-Hook Robot­9; Punk rock

Downward Dog Pub

130 SW 1st St.

The Turntable Enabler­10:30; Hip hop, soul

Kid Couture­11; DJ


1115 SE 3rd St.

FR Jesse Meade­7; Acoustic, R&B

Kinda Delicious­8

Cloud Mountain Ramblers­7; Olde time string band

Open Mic Talent Search­8; Variety

Majestic Theatre

115 SW 2nd

FR Laura Love­8; Live music, $15



The Astoria (9)

Black Forest (9)

Country Side (8)

Goodfella’s (9)


Country Side (8)

Bugsy’s (8)

Country Side (8)

Diablo’s (9)

Goodfella’s (9)

Joggers (9)

Mohawk Tavern (8)

The O Bar (9)

Taylor’s (10)

Village Inn (9)


Black Forest (9)

The City (9)

Cornucopia (9)

Country Side (8)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Pour House (9)

World Flavors (8)


Axe & Fiddle (7)

The Cooler (9:30)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Happy Hours (8:30)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Oak St. Speakeasy (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

The Old Pad (9)

The Tankard (7)

Village Green (9)


Cornerstone Pub (8)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Eldorado (9)

Game Time Pizza (8)

The O Bar (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

OK Tavern (9)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Moon Upstairs (6)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Quackers (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Rodeo (9)

Strike City (9)

Tapatio (9)

Tomahawk (9)

Village Inn (9)


Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Eldorado (9)

Macenzi’s Too (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Mulligan’s Pub (9)

O’Donnell’s (9)

Peabody’s Pub (9)

Quacker’s (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Sam’s Place (8)

Tapatio (9)

Tommy’s B&G (9)

Village Inn (9)


Country Side (8)

Diablo’s (8)

Goodfella’s (9)

Happy Hour’s (6)

Original Joe’s (6:30)

Our Place (8)

Prime Time (8)

Rodeo Steakhouse (5)

World Flavors (8)


Club Guide

Agate Alley Bistro 1461 E. 19th • 485-8887

Agate Hall 18th & Agate St.

AJ’s Hideaway Saloon 33140 Van Duyn Rd., Coburg 

Amici-Contemporary Italian Cuisine 919 Kruse Way

Apocalypse 2100 W. Broadway #1 

The Astoria 2406 W. 11th • 465-2277

A Taste Gourmet 270 W. 6th • Junction City

Aunt Ding’s Family Restaurant/JOC’s Sports Bar 39297 McKenzie River Hwy.

Ax Billy Grill 999 Willamette St. • 494-4011

Axe & Fiddle 657 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

B& B Lounge 213 Front St., Creswell • 895-3952

Beanery 152 W. 5th • 342-3378

Bel Ami 1591 Willamette St. • 485-6242

Bene Food & Friends 1665 W. 18th • 284-2700

Black Forest 50 E. 11th Ave. • 686-6619

Blind Pig 2750 Roosevelt Blvd. • 461-2018

Blueprint 23 W. 6th • 338-8787

Borders Books 5 Oakway Center

B2 Wine Bar 2794 Shadow View Dr. • 505-8909

Bugsy’s 559 Ivy, Junction City • 998-5185

Café Coconut  998 River Rd. • 689-0111

Café Maroc 28 E. Broadway, Eugene • 344-6948

Centro 513 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

The City  2222 MLK Jr. Blvd. • 343-4734

Club 420 420 Main St., Spfd.

Club Snafu 64 W. 8th Alley • 342-3272

Conway’s 5658 Main St., Spfd. • 741-6897

The Cooler 20 Centennial Loop • 484-4355

Cornerstone Pub 150 N. 5th St., Monroe • 847-6262

Cornucopia 295 W. 17th. • 485-2300

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers 207 E. 5th Ave. • 485-2676

Country Side 4740 Main St., Spfd. • 744-1594

Cozmic Pizza 199 W. 8th Ave. • 338-9333

Creswell Coffee & Wine 116 Melton Rd., Creswell • 895-8860

Davis’ 94 W. Broadway

Dexter Lake Club 39128 Dexter Rd., Dexter • 937-4290

Diablo’s/Downtown Lounge 959 Pearl St. • 343-2346

The District 1290 Oak St. • 434-3387

Driftwood Bar & Grill 5094 Main St., Spfd. • 988-4384

Duck Inn 1795 W. 6th Ave. • 302-9206

El Corral Restaurant 368 E 40th Ave • 485-9792

Eldorado 3000 W. 11th Ave. • 683-4580

El Tapatio 725 Gibbs, Cottage Grove. • 767-0457

The Embers 1811 Hwy 99. • 688-6564

Eugene City Brewery 844 Olive St. • 345-4155

Eugene Coffee Company 1840 Chambers St. • 344-0002

Eugene Eagles 1375 Irving Rd. • 688-9471

Excelsior Bistro 754 E. 13th • 342-6963

Four Corners Hop House 2750 Roosevelt Blvd.

Friendly St. Café 2757 Friendly • 683-2079

Goodfella’s 117 S. 14th St., Spfd.  • 726-9815

Happy Hours 645 River Rd. • 463-7632

Highlands Pub 390 E. 40th Ave. • 485-4304

The Jazz station 68 W. Broadway • 345-3315

Joe’s Bar 25 W. 6th Ave • 338-9000

Jogger’s 710 Willamette • 343-0224

John Henry’s 77 W. Broadway • 342-3358

Koho Bistro/Azul 2101 Bailey Hill Rd. • 681-9335

The Keg 4711 W. 11th Ave. • 345-5563

Keystone Cafe 395 W. 5th Ave • 342-2075

Latitude 10  2757 Friendly St.

Lavelles 5th St. Pub. Mkt • 338-9875

The Loft at Turtles  2690 Willamette

Lone Star I-5 at Coburg • 686-8686 

Lorax Manner 1648 Alder St. • 683-4960

Luckey’s  933 Olive St. • 687-4643

Macenzi’s Too 24967 Hwy. 126, Veneta • 935-3400

Mac’s at the Vet’s 1626 Willamette • 344-8600 

Max’s 550 E. 13th Ave. • 349-8986

McDonald Theatre 1010 Willamette St.

McShane’s 86495 College View Rd. • 747-4031

Mohawk Pub & Grill 1501 Mohawk Blvd., Springfield  • 747-3211

Monroe St. Cafe 1123 Monroe St. • 342-8158

The Moon Upstairs 228 Main St., Spfd.

Mulligan’s 2841 Willamette • 484-1727

Oak St. Speakeasy 915 Oak St. • 284-4000

The O Bar 115 Commons Dr. • 349-0707

The OK Tavern 28th & Main St., Spfd •998-3178

Old Pad 3355 E. Amazon. • 686-5022

O’Donnell’s Irish Pub 295 Hwy. 99 N. • 688-4902

H One Cup Cafe 3rd & Blair

Our Place 796 Hwy. 99N • 463-7966

Overtime Tavern 770 S. Bertelsen • 342-5028 

Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen 4th & Blair. • 342-7500

Peabody’s 444 E. 3rd Ave. • 484-2927

Pour House 444 N. 42nd, Spfd. • 746-1337

Quackers 2105 W. 7th Ave. • 485-5925 

Raven A Pub  160 W. 6th St., Junction City • 988-3738

Red Lion Inn  205 Coburg Rd. • 746-4935 

Rock ‘n’ Rodeo 44 E. 7th Ave. • 344-1293

Rodeo Steakhouse 1537 Mohawk, Spfd. • 747-6024

Rodeo 495 Holly St., Junction City • 998-1197

Saginaw Vineyard 80247 Delight Valley Rd., Cottage Grove

Sam Bond’s Garage 407 Blair • 431-6603

Sam’s Place 825 Wilson St. • 484-4455

Sonny’s Tavern 533 Q St., Spfd • 741-1953

Spirits 1714 Main St., Spfd • 726-0113

Stables Bar & Grill 414 Main St., Spfd. • 744-8827

Strike City 1170 Highway 99 N • 688-8900

Supreme Bean Woodfield Station, 29th & Willamette

Sweet Cheeks Winery 27007 Briggs Hill Rd.

The Tankard 330 Hwy 99 S, Junction City • 998-3123

Taylor’s Bar & Grille 894 E. 13th Ave. • 344-6174 

Territorial Winery  907 W. 3rd • 684-9463

Time Out 5256 Main St., Spfd. • 746-2148

Tiny Tavern 394 Blair Blvd. • 687-8383

Tomahawk Sports Bar 92178 Marcola Rd. • 933-2245

Tommy’s B&G 1509 Mohawk, Spfd. • 744-0811

Trackstirs 3350 Gateway St., Spfd. • 726-1262

TreeHouse Venue 89 Centennial Loop

Two Friends Pub and Pizza 563 W. Centennial Blvd., Spfd. • 683-2000

Uncle Jack’s 420 Main St., Spfd.

Vet’s Club 1626 Willamette St.

Village Green 725 Row River Rd., Cottage Grove

The Vintage 837 Lincoln St.

VFW Springfield 5344 Main St., Spfd. • 747-7564

Wetlands 922 Garfield St. • 345-3606

Wandering Goat 268 Madison St.

Waterfront Bar & Grill 2210 MLK Blvd. • 465-4506

WineStyles 29th & Willamette • 434-WINE

World Cafe 449 Blair Blvd. • 345-1695

World Flavors 1044 Willamette St.

WOW Hall 291 W. 8th Ave. • 687-2746

Yukon Jack’s 4th & W. Bdwy., Veneta • 935-1921