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Eugene Weekly : Galleries : 1.6.11

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


"Surf & Turf," a new exhibit by Elise Cowan, is on display at Nib

Backstreet Gallery Wood turning art by Russ Dixon, reception 3-5pm Tuesday, Jan. 11, exhibit continues through Jan. 31. 1421 Bay St., Florence

Dot Dotson's Photography by J. Robert Williams, reception 5-7pm Friday, Jan. 7, exhibit continues through Jan. 31. 1668 Willamette

Musique Gourmet " "Sonny Smith's 100 Records," alternate underground history of pop music feat. personas & histories of dozens of fictitious bands, reception 5:30pm Friday, Jan. 7, continues through Feb. 4. 942 Olive

Springfield Museum " "The Splinters," seven local artists who work in wood, reception 5-7pm Friday, Jan. 7. 590 Main St., Spfd

WOW HallThe art of Richard D. Owens, reception 5-7pm Friday, Jan. 7, exhibit continues through Jan. 31. 8th & Lincoln


Openings and receptions begin at 5:30pm Friday, Jan. 7, except where noted. See calendar for list of five official stops. Most venues have food and drink, and some have live music. Details, map & schedule at www.lanearts.org

#1 Jacobs Gallery "Small Pleasures Invitational," work 12 inches or smaller by 19 artists, through Feb. 5. Hult Center

Mini Stop: POEM at the Post Office Seeking to create a museum in the Eugene Post Office. 520 Willamette

#2 MECCA "Fantastic Fibers Art Show," includes felted, embroidered, quilted, beaded & woven work. 449 Willamette

#3 Studio Mantra Art by Jodie Beecham, Margie Templeton, Rebecca DeMoss and John Watson. 40 E 5th

#4 David Minor Theater "Patterned," reworked paintings by Shannon Knight. 180 E. 5th

#5 Modern "Urban Minimalism, Urban Geometry and Urban Decay," photography from Western states, Mexico and Costa Rica by Jordan Iverson. 207 E. 5th

Art of War Drawings by Richard Quigley and Sam Dantone, paintings by Blaine Provancha, and photography by Melissa Rae Olsen. 251-B W. 7th

DIVA Outpost OpenLens Film Festival and works by host, storyboard artist and filmmaker Dan Schaefer. 280 W Broadway

ECO Sleep Solutions "Celebrate the Artist: creative life that knows no boundaries," art by Tylar Merrill, Annie Herron, Mari Livie, and Stephen White. Music by Buck Mueller. 25 E. 8th

Eugene Storefront Art Project Work by Jeanne Breen, JoEllen Gregori Waldvogel, Network Charter School, Patricia Sims-Mayner, David P. Miller, Bren Kleinfelder, Marilyn Kent, Shirley Kuhnley, Jill Mardin, Maureen Campbell, Kristina Stipetic, Deigh Bates and Joseph Moore. Various locations, see map.

Full City Work by Noelle Dass, Marilyn Marcus, Dmitri Von Klein and Demetra Kamas. 842 Pearl

Fusion Gallery Abstract metal wall and glass art from local artists. 862 Olive

Goldworks Work by Kip Amend. 169 E. Broadway

Harlequin Beads & Jewelry Staff exhibit until 6pm. 1027 Willamette

Heartwood Naturals Co-op Work by local artists and craftspeople. 576 Olive

Horsehead Bar Photography by Jordan Brandt & more. 99 W. Broadway

Imagine Gallery "Amy the Potter," work by Amy Palatnick. 35 E. 8th

Karin Clarke Gallery 2nd Annual Resale Show. 760 Willamette

New Zone Gallery "Fantasy & Flowers," art by Larena Cornell. 164 W. Broadway

Opus VII "Go, design, go," design within the context of transportation, live transportation-inspired tunes by Scrambled Ape. 22 W. 7th

Oregon Arts Alliance "The Year (Here) In Review" & sculpture show feat. Mark Andrew, Josh Cote, Susan Crain, Kate MacLeod, Lynn Ihsen Peterson, Karen Russo, Al Sieradski, Heather Soderberg, Katie Swenson, Jud Turner and Stephen White, through Jan. 29. 881 Willamette

The Rock Sports Bar Photography by Tobiah Orin. 44 E. 7th

Vistra Gallery Work by Lorael Caacivio and Diane Lewis. 160 E. Broadway

White Lotus Gallery "East Meets West," feat. Jon Jay Cruson, Nancy Pobanz, Gary Tepfer, Hamanishi Katsunori, Shinoda Toko, Tanaka Ryohei & Her Xue-Sheng. 767 Willamette

The Woodpecker's Muse "Personal Territories," art by Sarah Refvem. 372 W. Broadway


CowfishNeon art by Virginia Sands & blacklight paint on black velvet by Honey Vizer, through Jan. 15. 62 W. Broadway

CPR GalleryPaintings & drawings by Scott Hovis, through Feb. 28. 1711 Willamette

David Joyce Gallery "Food, Field & Fiber," fiber based art by 12 local artists, through Jan. 7. LCC Campus, 4000 E. 30th

Don Dexter Offices "Recent Works," oil pastels & collage by Laurie McNichols; "Images," photography by Doni Dexter, through Jan. 30. 2233 Willamette

Emerald Art Center "Selected Photographs from Members of Spectrum Art Gallery," feat. Sandi Grubbs & Diane Lang, through Jan. 7. 500 Main St., Spfd

Harmony Roadhouse Studios "Marina's Art Studio Opening Celebration," works by Marina Herrera de Hajek, political statements & works in bronze, through Jan. 30. 2650 Willamette

Museum of Natural and Cultural History "Celestial Menagerie: Multi-media Artwork by Talmadge Doyle"; "We Are Still Here," Stephanie Wood's & Grand Ronde Family Basketry Traditions; "Solitude & Absolute Form," photography by Jon Meyers, "Oregon: Where Past is Present," ongoing. 1680 E. 15th

Museum of Unfine Art Work by Ron Omlin, Flynn Ryan &Victoria Koldewyn, through Jan. 31. 537 Willamette

Nib "Surf & Turf," black velvet art by Elise Cowan, though Jan. 31. 769 Monroe

Pizza Research Inst. " "Primary Places," oil paintings by Brooke Borcherding, through Jan. 22. 530 Blair

Potter's Quarter Felted textiles by Mary Jane Moffat, through Feb. 8. 110 Oakway Center

Sam Bond's B&W darkroom prints by Kim Rose from the Dirty South, through Jan. 26. 407 Blair

Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House Holiday decorations, through Jan. 7. 303 Willamette

The Voyeur "Decadence: 2000-2010," drawings by Sean Aaberg, through Jan. 22. 547 Blair

Woodpecker's Muse "Personal Territories," multi-media works by Sarah Refvem, through Jan. 31. 372 W. Broadway