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Eugene Weekly : Music : 1.6.11


Rock of Ages

Dave Snider, of Eugene band Testface, knows all musicians have a "guilty pleasure" song — a song they always wanted to perform but never could because it didn't fit with the musical style of their bands or because it was so cheesy they couldn't admit to actually liking it. He also knows how much work it is to book shows, schlep gear and organize schedules to make a gig happen.

"I play with so many different bands, and I know that you sort of fantasize about that one cover that you've always wanted to do but you can't work it into a set," he says. Snider's idea was to reward (if you will) 25 local musicians with the opportunity to sing their dream song, without them having to do the work of booking a show and getting everyone in their bands ready. Snider assembled a band that learned to play the selections, so the pressure's off these musicians; all they have to do is get on stage and start singing.

Most of the songs the musicians picked, as you might imagine, are of the cheesy '70s and '80s variety. Snider won't reveal exactly who is scheduled to sing or what songs they picked, but he says that the songs definitely do not fit their regular bands' style. Scheduled to perform are members of 25 local bands, including Yeltsin, Hot Drama, Saltlick, The Underlings, Mood Area 52 and The Daddies, with Ty Connor as the host of the evening. Local artists sing their guilty pleasure songs at 9:30 pm Saturday, Jan. 8, at Sam Bond's. 21+. $5. — Vanessa Salvia