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Eugene Weekly : Viewpoint : 1.27.11

Ducks Stick Together

We wanted overtime, but still got the parade

By SLUG Queen Scarlett OSlimera

I do declare ã in the big picture ã we are winners! OK, its true, it would have been more fun had we won. I realized while flying back with all the other Duck fans, at least we dont have to land in Alabama. We get to go home to our grand, fertile, majestic Oregon.

Oh, and dont you just love a parade! You missed a real doozy if you werent on the streets of downtown Eugene last Saturday. The other SLUG Queens and I were delighted and honored to be a part of the procession with many of the other"Champions.”

But, back to The Game. Having been born and bred in Nashville, I know all about hospitality. I was, and continue to be, cordial to the Auburn Tigers. I try to live by my intentions to uplift and unify. Whether traveling to Arizona or keeping the home fires burning, we Duck fans stick together like birds of a feather. The possibilities were ours. We had hope in our hearts!

Marvelous Marv, husband of 40 years plus, and I headed for the game with one ticket that he gifted to me! Hes on a roll in the giving department, as only six months ago he donated his left kidney to our dear daughter Dawn. (For the record, they are both thriving and we are all celebrating this glorious, miraculous life! )

With excitement and anticipation we flew over hills and dells to Las Vegas, certainly the most surreal, over-stimulating city this side of the Mississippi River. We continued the trip by auto and crossed over the Hoover Dam. Ive never seen the likes and frankly, we do give a damn. We love our Ducks ã such powerful, prepared, precious young men in their prime. I was feeling comforted that Chip Kelly strategically had all his ducks in a row, demonstrated by their victorious accomplishments.

Full of pride and joy, I packed my old green Queen dress, crown, and sash, adorned with extra green and yellow accessories. A darling vendor at the Holiday Market sent me off with unique, emerald horseshoe earrings. Lucky charms and all, everything seemed to be fittin! All "ducked” out, sure enough, the photo opportunities were aplenty. Both Auburn and Oregon fans were thrilled to pose close to royalty amidst the giant stadium.

I was pleased as punch to be in with the in crowd. We may have been outnumbered, but we will and still hold our ground. So with smiles aglow, the cheering and shouting only got louder with each play. I barely recognized my usual slick, sluggish mannerisms as the testosterone kicked in and intense feelings of rage took over.

Overwhelmed and breath taken, like the rest of yal ... quittin time came too quickly. We all wanted an overtime. We wanted all those smug, orange colored Auburn tigers to be frowning all the way back to their dens. Now I know its all about the Ducks, but what a hoot and a quack it was to find out I made it on national TV for a few brief seconds while "God Bless America” was being sung.

Alas, as I write these thoughts of this big game of life, with its ups and downs and all arounds, I am inspired to give thanks for all that is. There is next year to look forward to. Oh fiddle de dee, Ill think about that tomorrow.

Scarlett OSlimera is Eugenes Old S.L.U.G. Queen from 2004.