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Eugene Weekly : 3.17.11


Guts & Gooseshit

Witnessing women’s rugby with the Eugene Reign


Union Power

Huge labor rally in Eugene calls for solidarity


Marathon Madness

From less than zero to long distance

News Shorts:

Nuclear Worries Continue

Is OSU's Reactor Vulnerable

Particle Party

Nuke Power: Subsidized, Dangerous

Schools, Not War

Reaction to Invasives Questioned

Activist Alert

War Dead

Lighten Up

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes

Happening People:

Richie Weinman

Something Euge!


Union Busting

Poor economics and poorer morality


Ratios Matter

We can’t ignore growing class sizes


Still Hungover

Bush foibles make U.S. impotent to help Libya


Fight for Fairness

Time for us all to join the struggle 

Letters to the Editor

On The Blogs:




The Quiet Unquiet

Sinking into the exquisite sounds of Warpaint


100 Years of Guinness and Green

Luckey’s celebrates a century of St. Patrick’s Days


Hip Harpist

Killing the Twee with Deborah Henson-Conant


The week's events at a glance.


Music at the clubs


Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

¡Ask a Mexican!

Savage Love

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's

Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man



Movie Review:

Fear & Loathing in L.A.

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere wings the City of Angels


End Civ: Eco-Reset

A director’s radical critique of Western Civilization


Swan Song of Youth

is a sad, lovely lament for time lost

Eugene Weekly's Guide to Booze, Bars & Nightlife:

Dive is not a Four Letter Word

A drinker’s guide to the upside of the down and dirty

Happy Hunting

Dating advice, or how not to get a drink thrown in your face

Eugene's Sexiest Bartenders

Rio Towner, Jay Pezzotti

Come clean, leave dirty

A barhopping test of my martini faith

Call Security!

A sober look at barroom bouncing

Sunday, Trashy Sunday

Cowfish makes week’s end Trai La Terrific

Blitzkrieg Boozing

Knocking back Eugene’s happy hours at lightning speed

Highway 99 Revisited

In search of the real people’s drinking hole


Eugene Weekly's Quarterly Restaurant Guide


The State of Suds 2010