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Eugene Weekly : Living Out : 6.9.11

Goodnight Moon

By sally sheklow

In the great beige room

There was a bedside phone

A get-well balloon

A sixth-floor view of ã

Rain clouds and a waxing new moon

And my sweet doped-up wife

Who went under the knife

And her new bandaged knee

And a hanging IV

And a long plastic hose

Sending air up her nose

And a machine they apply

From her foot to her thigh

And a friendly gay nurse whispering "Hi.”

Goodnight room

Goodnight moon

Good night wishes to get well soon

Good night anesthesia and femoral block

Good night knee replacements that help people walk

Good night morphine drip

And goodnight pulse-ox clip

Goodnight blood pressure cuff

And more medical stuff

Good night drainage lines

And the nurse who comes in to take vital signs

Good night big clock

And nubby-soled sock

Goodnight gown tied in back

Barely covering the crack

Good night hospital bed

With trapeze overhead

To lift yourself up, as the CNA said

Good night food on a tray

They bring three times a day

Good night steri-strips and invisible stitches

Dressings, ice wraps, unreachable itches

Good night to the surgeon who says all went well

Goodnight to this room, almost like a hotel

Good night to myself on the small extra bed

Good night pillow from home where I lay down my head

Goodnight worry

Goodnight sky

And goodnight friendly gay nurse whispering "Hi.”

Goodnight moon

Goodnight stale air

Good night beeping noises everywhere


Award-winning writer Sally Sheklow has been perfecting her bedside manner in Eugene since 1972.