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Pollution Update 6-4-15

Back in June of 2014, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) hit Pacific Recycling with a $327,686 penalty for repeatedly discharging harmful levels of industrial pollutants to waters of the state and failing to install a treatment system in 2011 as it had promised to do. DEQ reduced the penalty to $47,494 in January and issued an order requiring Pacific Recycling to install its treatment system by Jan. 16; Pacific Recycling agreed to pay a penalty of $283,157 if it failed to meet this deadline. Pacific Recycling missed the deadline. DEQ has again let Pacific Recycling off the hook, instead imposing a penalty of $11,600 for the latest missed deadline, and giving Pacific Recycling until June 30 to install the treatment system. Pacific Recycling has now agreed to pay the $283,157 penalty if they miss the new deadline. For the penalties that Pacific Recycling has actually agreed to pay at this point ($47,494 plus $11,600), DEQ has come up with a payment plan allowing Pacific Recycling to pay $980 per month through July of 2021. 

DEQ is accepting comments through 5 pm Friday, June 5, on Pacific Recycling’s application for Clean Water Act stormwater permit coverage for its stormwater discharges. Visit goo.gl/iMDQb for information on commenting. Pacific Recycling’s stormwater discharges have taken place pursuant to an expired permit since July 1, 2012. 

DEQ is also accepting comments through 5 pm Wednesday, June 10, on Fam-Lee, LLC’s application for a Clean Water Act construction stormwater permit for its Addyson Creek project on River Road. Visit goo.gl/HcPy8 for more information on commenting.