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Cascadia Hootenanny

Conjugal Visitors
Conjugal Visitors

The Conjugal Visitors’ M.D. “Maz” Elsworth is from Kentucky — the Bluegrass State. He says he considers his Eugene band to be the “Cascadian” equivalent to the Appalachian sound he grew up around.

“The epitome of Cascadian, whiskey-land jazz,” Elsworth tells EW, describing his band’s old-timey music, “Cascadian party music.” 

In addition to music, Elsworth says, Conjugal Visitors hope to get away from the “domestication” of modern society and back to an agricultural and bartering lifestyle, an ethos shared by many who play bluegrass and other vintage music everywhere.

Elsworth and the Conjugal Visitors will the take stage Dec. 4 at Cozmic as part of the Gypsy Jug Grass Hootenanny, an annual event where Elsworth plans to celebrate his birthday. Elsworth says his band tries to do some form of community “upliftment” at least once a year.

Joining Conjugal Visitors will be popular Seattle musican Baby Gramps, who plays originals as well as rags, jazz and blues from the ’20s and ’30s. Eugene-based burlesque dancer Trudy Bauchery is also on the bill, as well as jugglers, gyspy dancers and a surprise guest. 

“Those who are performing at this event,” Elsworth explains, “are definitely part of a pretty big community, in the same vein, and have some of the same crowd and fan base between Seattle and Eugene — the Northwest jugband folk scene.” 

So what does Elsworth want for his birthday? “Lots of foot-stompin’, whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ and a-dancin’ and a-carryin’ on,” Elsworth says.

“The Gypsy Jug Grass Hootenany” featuring Baby Gramps, Conjugal Visitors and Trudy Bauchery kicks off at 7 pm Friday, Dec. 4, at Cozmic; $10-$100 suggested donation.