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The Joy of Haiti

Lakou Mizik
Lakou Mizik

In 2010, an earthquake ripped through Haiti and caused widespread devastation. Most of us saw the news reports, but what the headlines missed was the creative Haitian culture that Mother Nature could not shut down. 

Lakou Mizik formed in the earthquake’s aftermath as a nine-person, multi-generational group that took the force of nature as an opportunity to share the rich Haitian society often misrepresented in mainstream movies and media, which might lead one to think that the only thing happening in the country is Vodou and disaster relief.

After several years of performances and kicking ass in the studio, Lakou Mizik released its debut album, Wa Di Yo, this past April. The group’s beats are endlessly energetic, and lyrics tie in traditional stories that document and celebrate the country’s history and culture. 

Each member of the collective comes from a different background, class and location in Haiti, which heavily influences and reflects the band’s multi-faceted take on the country’s mizik rasin (roots music). Lakou’s sound has a mixture of French blues, traditional Haitian singing and percussion with just a pinch of Carlos Santana-meets-Romanian rhythms. I dare you to try and not shake your bod to that shit. 

Lakou Mizik plays 8:30 pm Thursday, July 21, at the WOW Hall. $13 advance, $15 door; tickets at wowhall.org.