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Best Businesses under a Jesus Sign

Tricycle races and whiskey drinks. Harleys. Discount RV goods. Guns and exploding targets. What could go wrong? Hop off I-5 at the 30th Avenue exit and instead of heading into Eugene, head east towards Springfield. College View, the little spur road there, is home to an odd cluster of businesses that don’t really lend themselves to a mall-like experience, and that’s why we love it. Don’t be put off by an exterior that one Yelp reviewer likened to “the parking lot of the crime scene of my own murder.” McShanes Bar and Grill has good food and friendly people once you venture inside. And Tuesday night tricycle races. And on that note, the businesses along College View Drive are kind of set up for someone to commit a perfect crime. Ammo at the Tannerite Outlet Store, guns at the Baron’s Den, RV parts and a Harley-Davidson getaway vehicle a little further down, and if you are at all confused about your ethics, a big Jesus billboard looms over the whole thing reminding you to avoid the mark of the Antichrist.