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Best Calendar Submissions

There’s something beautiful about simplicity. And that holds true when it comes to our calendar. Two people who always send in their event information before the calendar deadline and in perfect form are Max Leek and Hugh O’Haire. We first appreciated the weekly, 18-word emails from Leek when they were pointed out to us. O’Haire’s emails are comparable, on time, direct and he always says, “thank you.”

Part of the job of the calendar editor involves sorting through roughly 700 emails per week. It can be daunting, but we enjoy learning about the events, organizations and other happenings in the community and truly appreciate people who take time to email or call to thank the calendar editor. Emails can be sorted into varying degrees of niceness or lack thereof. For example, some emails come from people who apologize for missing the deadline, others totally ignore the deadline and then there are always a few insulting emails. Some provide specific instructions on how to do the calendar editor job — several are often copied to the editor. An author once called our calendar editor uneducated and uncivilized because the author had failed to fill out an event form correctly, and before he could return a call to clarify his misinformation, he left a voicemail threatening to sue. 

Here are the two winning calendar event submissions: 


English & Scottish Country Dancing, 7:00 Thursdays. Vet’s Memorial Ballroom, 1620 Willamette St. $7, first time FREE. 


 Refuge Recovery Meeting, Buddha Eye Temple, 2190 Garfield St., Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm. FREE. 

We appreciate the wide range of events that are sent to us every day. Thanks for your submissions, and before you send your emails, just remember what most of us were taught as small children: manners.