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Best Epic Milkshake

Photo by Todd Cooper
Photo by Todd Cooper

It’s a Tuesday afternoon and we’re hankering for something sweet. Rather than reach for the bag of carrots so conveniently stashed beside us, we instead take to fantasizing about chocolate. 

Then, as if through some magical twist of fate brought about by the social media gods, a chocolate-loaded confection of utter magnificence appears on our Facebook feed. Is it a brownie? Is it a milkshake? Is it both

We note that the majestic confection hails from Sundial Café and make arrangements to convene there at once.

“I’m all about flair and garnishes, and I like things to be big and beautiful,” says Alex Moon, owner of Sundial Café, a gluten-free restaurant that opened in May. 

Sundial’s signature milkshakes start with Tillamook ice cream for the gluten-tolerant among us and Coconut Bliss for those living dairy-free. The ice cream is whipped into a sweet froth, poured into a Mason jar and adorned with chocolate syrup along the rim, topped with more chocolate and marshmallows sure to send you into a paroxysm of sugary bliss.

Moon says her personal favorite is the “Pink Cloud,” a strawberry shake bedecked with fresh strawberries, marshmallows and, best of all, a rainbow sugar rim. 

“We hit it hard with the toppings,” Moon laughs.

To sample this wonder of desserts or partake in Sundial Café’s popular breakfast and brunch menu, head to 2435 Hilyard Street; the restaurant is open 11 am to 9 pm Tuesday through Friday and 8 am to 3 pm Saturday through Sunday.