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Best Experimental Forest

 Home to old-growth forests of cedar and hemlock, ancient Douglas firs and even more ancient yews, the H.J. Andrews is a blend of science, nature and art. It’s a beautiful spot to go get muddy and roll around in the wild or to sit and meditate. Oregon State University scientists research climate change and carbon storage in the woods and waters of the Andrews, and on the humanities end, The Spring Creek Project brings together philosophy, writing and the sciences and Long-Term Ecological Reflections “supports writers and humanists in their efforts to explore human/nature relationships as they evolve over many lifetimes.” To get there, head east out Hwy. 126, and about 35 minutes outside of Springfield turn left at the Blue River Reservoir sign onto Forest Road 15. First time visitors should head to the display board at the junction of Forest Roads 15 and 1506. The display has a map of the Andrews Forest and a brochure and directions to the 3.5-mile Lookout Creek Old-Growth Trail. Check it out at andrewsforest.oregonstate.edu.