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Best of Eugene 2016-2017

Filching a page from one of the most baffling political campaigns of the modern era, we asked you to help us Make Eugene Great Again by voting in our annual Best of Eugene readers’ poll. The trouble with governing Eugene by consensus is getting a city of punks, losers, college kids, transients, misfits, strays, normals, hillbillies, skippers, artists, techies and hippies to agree on one definition of greatness. Maybe you prefer Eugene to be a dingy crater with reasonable rents. Could be you’d like to see Eugene clean up its act once and for all. Rather than doing much research or studying trends or even lifting a finger to determine the will of the people, we printed (again for the 20th time, or so) a ballot in the pages of our newspaper and waited. And a few thousand of you responded. Some of you maybe even voted your consciences.



Best of Eugene Readers' Poll Winners: Food and Drink

Best of Eugene Readers' Poll Winners: Arts and Culture





Best Quiet Bassist at Kesey Square


Best Eugene Stereotype


Best Experimental Forest


Best Running Scavenger Hunt


Best Divorce


Best Philosophical Crisis Brought on by a Hirons Tchotchke


Best Reading Spot for Kids


Best Eugene Myth


Best Professional Dog Runners


Best Concert Venue We’ve Never Been To


Best Public Art


Best Downtown Stalwart


Best Tibetan Gift Shop


Best Parks That Used to Be Dumps


Best Women's Mountain Bike Adventure Team


Best Guitarist


Best Art to See on a Rainy Day


Best Mustache


Best Epic Milkshake


Best Businesses under a Jesus Sign


Best Neighborhood Watchdog


Best Calendar Submissions


Best New Eyesore


Best Gallery Cat


Best Fish in a Veterinary Office


Best (unintentional) dance happening/performance art


Best Downtown convenience


Best Art Project