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Best of Eugene Readers' Poll 2016-2017

Best of Food and Drink



Best desserts

1. Sweet Life Patisserie 755 Monroe St., 1609 E. 19th Ave. 683-5676. sweetlifedesserts.com.

2. Noisette Pastry Kitchen 200 W. Broadway. 654-5257. noisettepk.com.

3. (tie) Market of Choice and Metropol 1060 Green Acres Rd., 344-1901; 1960 Franklin Blvd., 687-1188; 67 W. 29th Ave., 338-8455; 2580 Willakenzie Rd., 345-3349, marketofchoice.com; 2538 Willamette St., 465-4730, metropolbakery.com.


Best food cart

1. Da Nang Vietnamese Eatery 488 Lincoln St. 915-0144. danangeatery.com. 

2. Sammitch 591 Willamette. 408-309-2074. sammitchtime.com.

3. Kun Fusion 232-9733. facebook.com/KunFusionGrill.


Best barbecue

1. Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen 400 Blair Blvd. 342-7500. papassoulfoodkitchen.com.

2. Hole in the Wall 3200 W. 11th Ave., 683-7378; 1807 Olympic St., Spfd., 726-1200. holeinthewallbbq.com.

3. Bill & Tim’s Barbecue 201 E. 13th Ave. 654-0578. westrauntconcepts.com.


Best burger

1. Cornucopia 295 W. 17th Ave. 485-2300; 207 E. 5th Ave. 485-2300. cornucopiaeugene.com.

2. Killer Burger 50 W. Broadway. 636-4731. killerburger.biz.

3. Dickie Jo’s 1079-C Valley River. 743-4106. waywestrauntconcepts.com.


Best Mexican/Latin American

1. Tacovore 530 Blair Blvd. 735-3518. tacovorepnw.com.

2. Chapala Mexican Restaurant 136 Oakway Center. 434-6113; 68 W. 29th Ave. 683-5458. chapalamex.com.

3. (tie) Membrillo and Belly Taqueria 1530 Willamette St., 458-205-8470; 454 Willamette St., 687-8226, eatbelly.com.


Best bar grub

1. The Bier Stein 1591 Willamette St. 485-2437. thebierstein.com.

2. Horsehead 99 W. Broadway. 683-3154. horseheadbareugene.com.

3. Jackalope 453 Willamette St. 485-1519. jackalopelounge.com.

The Bier Stein sports 25 beers on tap and about 1,000 in bottles, with a menu highlighting soups and panini sandwiches, and lately, beer pairings. “We just keep doing what we do,” co-owner Kristina Measells says. “We always thought beer was a very approachable thing so, what’s the best thing to pair with that?” Turns out, hot, pressed sandwiches and soups are what everyone wants. Even though moving to a new space three years ago expanded its space from a small storefront with a few tables to 12,000 square feet, the Stein is still overflowing just about any time of day or night. “We have great employees who work really hard and care about all our customers,” Measells says. “For as busy as we are, there’s a lot of love that goes into each plate because it’s our customers that keep us in business.”

Photo: Trask Bedortha



Best Thai

1. Ta Ra Rin 1200 Oak St. 343-1230. tararin.com.

2. Sabai 27 Oakway Center. 654-5424. sabaicafe.com.

3. Tasty Thai 1308 Hilyard St. 343-0165. tastythaicampus.com.


Best Chinese

1. Kung Fu Bistro 2560 Willamette St. 968-9258. facebook.com/kungfubistroeugene.

2. Lok Yaun Restaurant 3000 W. 11th Ave. 345-7448. lokyaunrestaurant.com.

3. Twin Dragon Restaurant 919 River Rd. 688-5481. twin-dragon-restaurant.com.


Best new restaurant

1. Sundial Cafe 2435 Hilyard St. 636-3838. sundialcafeeugene.com.

2. Rain Northwest 1190 City View St. 246-8070. rainnw.com.

3. (tie) Board and Novo Latin Table 394 Blair Blvd., 343-3023, boardrestaurant.com; 105 Oakway Center, 654-8165, novolatintable.com.

Eugene’s new gluten-free restaurant won out among restaurant newcomers this year. A project of Eugene chef Alex Moon, Sundial hit the Eugene dining scene in May, and Moon says it’s been doing great ever since. “I couldn’t be happier,” she says. Don’t let the “gluten-free” part worry you: Sundial’s food is anything but restrictive. “The Emerald City” dish boasts a Cajun-spiced chicken breast with Swiss cheese and bacon, while the “Crater Lake” is a gooey vegan macaroni and cheese. But definitely save room for dessert — a generous pile of sweet potato fries, oozing with coconut whipped cream, chocolate sauce and peanut butter. Who needs gluten, anyways?

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best restaurant

1. (tie) Izakaya Meiji and Marché 345 Van Buren St., 505-8804, izakayameiji.com; 296 E. 5th Ave. #226, 342-3612, marcherestaurant.com.

2. Café Soriah 384 W. 13th Ave. 342-4410. cafesoriah.com.

3. Sabai 27 Oakway Center. 654-5424. sabaicafe.com.

French-inspired, farm-to-table cuisine and tapas-style, Japanese dishes — you love them both. Marché has provided Eugene with a reliable up-scale dining experience for more than 15 years, tucked into the Fifth Street Public Market, and it’s always trying something new. While Izakaya Meiji is not only popular for its comfy atmosphere and amazingly satisfying menu, but it also won best mixed drinks. We’re glad to have both in Eugene.

Photo: Trask Bedortha



Best hangover breakfast

1. Brails 1689 Willamette St. 343-1542. brailseugene.com.

2. Glenwood Restaurant 1340 Alder St., 687-0355; 2588 Willamette St., 687-8201, glenwoodrestaurants.com.

3. Morning Glory 450 Willamette St. 687-0709. Morninggloryeugene.com.



Best cheap eats

1. Burrito Boy 2511 W. 11th Ave., 338-4219; 510 E. Broadway, 344-8070; 1060 River Rd., 689-7970; 30 W. 10th Ave., 344-5856; 1071 Valley River Dr., 343-8089; 1840 Chambers, 246-8775, burritoboy.com.

2. Café Yumm! 730 E. Broadway, 344-9866; 1801 Willamette St., 686-9866; 130 Oakway Center, 465-9866, cafeyumm.com.

3. Laughing Planet 760 Blair Blvd., 868-0668; 2864 Willamette St., 505-5399, laughingplanet.com.


Best pizza

1. Mezza Luna 933 Pearl St., 684-8900; 2776 Shadow View Dr., 743-2999; 115 S. 5th St., Spfd. mezzalunapizzeria.com.

2. Sizzle Pie 910 Willamette St. 683-7437. sizzlepie.com.

3. Pegasus 2864 Willamette St., 344-9931; 790 E. 14th Ave., 344-4471; 4 Oakway Center, 344-0844. pegasuspizza.net.

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best sushi

1. Mame 541 Blair Blvd. 654-4378.

2. PURE 296 E. 5th Ave. 654-0608. pureeugene.com.

3. Sushi Domo 1020 Green Acres Rd., 343-0935; 2835 Oak St., 484-7008. sushidomoeugene.com.

If Mame is closed or booked up, fans of this restaurant prefer to skip sushi night entirely rather than go somewhere else. Dropping in for a quick bite at this small spot is not usually an option, as it holds only 17 people and reservations are recommended days in advance. Once you get a seat, give the chef’s choice a try (available at different spending levels) and let chef Taro give you whatever he wants, which might include deep fried squid and steak wrapped in bacon with roe and red bean cheesecake for dessert. Great non-sushi food, too. Sit at the bar; chef Taro is always ready for a conversation and will cheerfully accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best comfort food

1. Papa’s Soul Food Kitchen 400 Blair Blvd. 342-7500. papassoulfoodkitchen.com.

2. Cornbread Café 1290 W. 7th Ave. 505-9175. cornbreadcafe.com.

3. Cornucopia 295 W. 17th Ave., 485-2300; 207 E. 5th Ave., 485-2300, 


Photo: Athena Delene


Best bakery

1. Sweet Life Patisserie 755 Monroe St.; 1609 E. 19th Ave., 683-5676, sweetlifedesserts.com.

2. Hideaway Bakery 3377 E. Amazon Dr. 868-1982. hideawaybakery.com.

3. Metropol 2538 Willamette St. 465-4730. metropolbakery.com. 



Best local winery

1. Sweet Cheeks Winery 27007 Briggs Hill Rd. 349-9463. sweetcheekswinery.com.

2. King Estate 80854 Territorial Hwy. 942-9874. kingestate.com.

3. Sarver Winery 25600 Mayola Ln. 935-2979. sarverwinery.com.



Best bar

1. The Wayward Lamb 150 W. Broadway. 654-5106. thewaywardlamb.com.

2. Sam Bond’s Garage 407 Blair Blvd. 343-2635. sambonds.com.

3. Izakaya Meiji 345 Van Buren St. 505-8804. izakayameiji.com.


Best local brewery

1. Ninkasi 272 Van Buren St. 344-2739. ninkasibrewing.com.

2. Oakshire 207 Madison St. 654-5520. oakbrew.com.

3. Hop Valley 980 Kruse Way, Spfd., 744-3330; 990 W. 1st Ave., 585-2337, hopvalleybrewing.com.

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best tea house

1. Townshend’s 41 W. Broadway. 654-4284. townshendstea.com.

2. J-Tea 2778 Friendly St. 357-5492. jteainternational.com.

3. (tie) Oolong Bar and The Rabbit Hole 1607 E. 19th Ave., 541-972-3832, facebook.com/oolongbarstool; 240 E. 17th Ave., 654-0425, facebook.com/TheRabbitHoleTea.

Even on rainy afternoons when downtown Eugene clears out, Townshend’s Tea is always full of cozied-up tea drinkers immersed in their books and laptops. With vintage couches scored from local thrift shops and local art always on display, Townshend’s provides a welcoming nook for Eugene’s tea-loving crowd. For the University of Oregon community, Townshend’s now has a location in the newly remodeled Erb Memorial Union, where students can guzzle kombucha, bubble tea or a traditional Earl grey to their hearts’ content.

Photo: Athena Delene



Best coffee house

1. Wandering Goat 268 Madison St. 344-5161. wanderinggoat.com.

2. Vero Espresso 205 E. 14th Ave. 654-0504. Veroespressohouse.com.

3. Dutch Bros. 1633 Coburg Rd.; 2115 Franklin Blvd.; 311 E. 11th Ave., dutchbros.com.


Best drinks on tap

1. The Bier Stein 1591 Willamette St. 485-2437. thebierstein.com.

2. beergarden. 777 W. 6th Ave. 505-9432. beergardenme.com.

3. Tap & Growler 207 E. 5th Ave. 505-9751. tapandgrowler.com.


Best mixed drinks

1. Izakaya Meiji 345 Van Buren St. 505-8804. izakayameiji.com. 

2. Rye 444 E. 3rd Ave., 653-8509, ryeon3rd.com. 

3. The Vintage 837 Lincoln St. 349-9181. thevintageeugene.com. 

Izakaya Meiji does it again, winning Eugene hearts with its undeniably tasty bourbon and gingers and masterfully concocted Meiji mules. Combined with a cozy ambiance and bountiful tapas, Meiji’s drink menu constantly delights.



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