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Thanksgiving 2016

A column in verse

Each year in November I’ve come to expect

That I’ll stop and take time to tune in and reflect

On the myriad reasons I’m grateful this year

And give thanks for how lucky I am to be here


I note my good fortune of being alive

With all of the basics one needs to survive

Clean water and air, a safe home and good food

Plus someone to cuddle when I’m in the mood


I wake up each day in a comfortable bed

With a wife and two cats (who would like to be fed)

Where I’m warm and secure, just how lucky is that?

I really am fortunate (“NOW!” says the cat.)


I’m thankful for clothing, my sweatshirt and pants

To wear to the kitchen where kitty-cats dance

And weave ’round my legs as I’m filling their dishes

Devoting myself to fulfilling their wishes


The cats turn their focus to eating their food

(More snarfed up and swallowed than actually chewed)

I stop and give thanks for adorable pets

I love our two cats (with a few small regrets)


I’m terribly thankful and grateful indeed

To have all the stuff one could possibly need

A loving companion, a circle of friends

My things-to-be-thankful-for list never ends


I put on the kettle and get out the tea

And cook up some oatmeal for Wifey and me

I chop up an apple, and also a pear

And squeeze on some honey from our honey bear 


We sit at the table, just me and my bride

(’Though I have to get up to let kitties outside)

We savor our food and while wiping my chin

I get up again to let kitties back in


It’s good to give thanks for the things I enjoy

Like plenty of lettuce and kale and bok choy

Our CSA basket that’s healthy and green

Supports local farmers and keeps my guts clean


Out on my walk I give thanks I can cruise

Three miles an hour in my good walking shoes

I’m thankful for life, for a functioning body

For not stepping where someone’s dog has gone potty


I’m thankful, today, as I walk through my ’hood

That it’s easy and fun to get out like I should

I notice what’s growing, what’s ripe and what’s spent

While my heart rate goes well over 60 percent 


I notice the crows and the jays in the trees

The killdeer on rooftops and cute chickadees

I’m thankful for time in the natural world

For genetics that make my hair naturally curled


I’m giving my thanks that despite the election

Our work still goes on in the other direction

Toward saving our planet and heeding the call

Toward freedom and peace and respect for us all


Thanksgiving is more than a day in November

It’s taking the time to take stock and remember

That life is worth living, despite all the flap

(Which I say with two pussycats curled on my lap).