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Slant 2016-11-23

• It was good to see Nike in the list of American companies urging Donald Trump not to abandon the Paris climate deal, “saying a failure by the United States to build a clean economy endangers American  prosperity,” as The New York Times wrote it. And now we have U. S. military leaders putting out their concerns about climate change. We wonder if President-elect Trump has the capacity to understand that climate change is not a “hoax,” as he called it in the campaign? Water in the streets of Florida cities not far from his Mar-a-Lago estate should tell him something.

• We haven’t seen the lawn signs “Blue Lives Matter” in our neck of the woods, but we hear they are all over America — yet another factor in the election of Donald Trump. With the terrible random shootings of policemen this week, we blame the National Rifle Association for its part in these crimes.

• When Robert Kuttner, economist and political writer, spoke on the University of Oregon campus Nov. 15, he was asked the question of our time by a 78-year-old Eugenean in the audience: “What can I do?” Kuttner’s advice: Pick an issue you care passionately about and go to work on it. Get involved. Speaking about “Challenges for the Next Administration,” Kuttner expressed his admiration for Elizabeth Warren, the junior senator from Massachusetts who clearly speaks to the economic issues affecting all Americans in a way that Hillary Clinton simply could not do. Warren for president in 2020?

• As some celebrate Thanksgiving, and others just give thanks and try to avoid the colonial and oppressive aspects of the holiday, the irony of law enforcement spraying Native American pipeline protesters at Standing Rock in North Dakota during below-freezing temperatures is not lost on us. Between the water, the tear gas and rubber bullets, media reports say at least 150 activists were injured. As we celebrate thanks at Thanksgiving, let us also thank the protesters for standing up against climate-damaging fossil fuels and standing up against Big Oil’s continuing exploitation of Native peoples. Go to StandingRock.org to donate to the tribe’s protest effort and peruse EW’s calendar and upcoming Give Guide for local options to donate.

• As we go to press we hear that Oregon state Sen. Chris Edwards is stepping down from the Legislature in January to take a job at the University of Oregon. Rep. Val Hoyle, who had to forgo running for the seat she has held in the House when she ran for the secretary of state’s office in the May primary, says she is putting her name in for the seat. It’s going to be a tough 2017 session, with budget fights looming large. We need a strong voice like Hoyle’s in state government advocating for education, social issues and hopefully the environment.