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Best of Eugene Readers Poll 2017-2018 - Bang! Spending

Best Body Modification

1. High Priestess 210 W. 6th Ave. 541-342-6585; 525 E. 13th Ave. 541-343-3311. highpriestess.com.

2. Northwest Tattoo 142 E. 13th Ave.  541-393-6570. nwtattoo.com.

3. Parlour Tattoo 1097 Willamette St.  541-345-6465. theparlourtattoo.com.

Both cool and inviting, High Priestess offers tattoos and piercings with customer needs as a priority. The tattoo artists are comfortable in all major styles, with multiple years of experience and a lot of patience to make sure you are happy with their art. For piercings, they carry a wide range of jewelry that is trustworthy and safe to use. — Jordan Rich

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best Bike Shop

1. Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life 556 Charnelton St. 541-344-4105. bicycleway.com.

2. Arriving by Bike 2705 Willamette St. 541-484-5410. arrivingbybike.com.

3. Hutch’s Bicycle Shop 960 Charnelton St. 541-345-7521. hutchsbicycles.com.


Best Dispensary

1. Moss Crossing 2751 Friendly St. 

541-636-3724. mosscrossing.com.

2. TJ’s Organics 1910 Empire Park Dr. 541-505-7105. tjsgardens.com.

3. Twenty After Four Wellness Center 420 Blair Blvd. 541-393-6826.   


Photo: Todd Cooper



Best Weed Mover and Shaker

1. Anna Kaplan SugarTop Buddery. sugartopbuddery.com

2. Adam Jacques Sproutly. 2270 W. 11th Ave. 541-735-9135. sproutlyusa.com.

3. Cam McNeeley Moss Crossing. 2751 Friendly St. 541-636-2734. mosscrossing.com.

Anna Kaplan opened SugarTop Buddery in 2015 together with her sibling Jarrod. SugarTop supplies local dispensaries with a variety of strains, often in the form of their specialty, pre-rolled bats. In 2014, Kaplan left her two jobs as an artist and restaurant manager in Philadelphia to join her world-class drummer brother in the marijuana cultivation business.

Kaplan is an infectious voice in Eugene’s recreational cannabis scene. A conversation with her is like being on the other end of a verbal Gatling gun, manned by a happy Rambo, gleefully mowing the other party down with her various campaigns.

In addition to her responsibilities at SugarTop, Kaplan serves as president of the nonprofit Women Leaders in Cannabis, seeking to normalize the presence of women in the cannabis industry and destabilize any social stigma that might be attached to it. The nonprofit also partners with groups like Hope in Our Valley Oregon, which aims to help PTSD victims, and the Rock, Paper, Scissors Foundation to help heal and prevent violence. 

Kaplan also helps to ally SugarTop and the Eugene marijuana community in shared marketing efforts. “It’s more important than ever to remain local and support Eugene businesses,” Kaplan says. — Matthew Denis

photo: Trask Bedortha


Best Yoga

1. Eugene Yoga 3575 Donald St. 458-208-8378. eugeneyoga.us.

2. Sweaty Ganesh Yoga 820 Charnelton St. 541-349-9642. sweatyganeshyoga.com

3. Everyday People Yoga 352 W. 12th Ave. 541-513-0180. epyogaeugene.com.

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best Place to Get Fit

1. Outdoors

2. Downtown Athletic Club 999 Willamette St. 541-484-4011. downtownac.com.

3. YMCA 2055 Patterson St. 541-686-9622. eugeneymca.org.


Best Acupuncture

1. Acupuncture for the People 2833 Willamette St. 541-521-6285. acupunctureforthepeople.org.

2. Luke Adler Healing 1633 Willamette St. 541-465-9642. lukeadlerhealing.com.

3. Turning Point Acupuncture / Tom Williams 670 E. 18th Ave. 541-686-9658. eugeneoregonacupuncture.com.


Best Local Food Market

1. The Kiva 125 W. 11th Ave. 541-342-8666. kivagrocery.com.

2. (Tie) Market of Choice 1060 Green Acres Rd. 541-344-1901; 1960 Franklin Blvd., 541-687-1188; 67 W. 29th Ave. 541-338-8455; 2580 Willakenzie Rd. 541-345-3349. marketofchoice.com.

2. (Tie) Capella Market. 2489 Willamette St. 541-345-1014. capellamarket.com.

3. Sundance Natural Foods 748 E. 24th Ave. 541-343-9142. sundancenaturalfoods.com.

It’s comes as no surprise to EW that The Kiva again comes in atop the category of Best Local Market. When the big bosses of the EW newsroom go to lunch, they don’t say “let’s grab lunch”; they say, “ready for the Kiva” or “time for a Kiva run.” The family owned Kiva Grocery started as a “Hippie Mall” in 1970 and has been the do-it-all natural food store at its current downtown location since 1983.

Runners up in this category include the well-lit and borderline supermarket mini-chain Market of Choice, Capella Market and Sundance Natural Foods. 

It’s worth noting that, outside of The Kiva, these small natural markets tend to be concentrated in the more affluent neighborhoods of South Eugene. Here’s to hoping West Eugene can have some more fresh-food options in the future. — Carl Segerstrom

Photo: Todd Cooper


Best Indie Bookstore

1. Tsunami Books 2585 Willamette St. 541-345-8986. tsunamibooks.org.

2. Smith Family Bookstore 525 Willamette St. 541-343-4717; 768 E. 13th Ave. 541-345-1651. smithfamilybookstore.com.

3. J. Michaels 160 E. Broadway. 541-342-2002. jmichaelsbooks.com.

Tsunami Books is a book lover’s dream. The store that looks so tiny from Willamette Street was purchased more than 20 years ago, and was converted from a warehouse to a bookstore that is focused on the community.  “We would call ourselves a community bookstore,” Scott Landfield, owner of Tsunami Books says. “We respond to what people who come in here want.”

Apart from more than 4,000 events Tsunami has hosted over the years, the public is invested — in every sense of the word — in the store. Customers are urged to “inquire within” if they want to help support Tsunami stay alive. Thanks to Landfield’s reliance on the public to help raise the $300,000 he needs to secure a lease for the next 10 years, the community focused store holds on to its reign as Eugene’s Best Indie Bookstore. — Max Thornberry


Best Veterinarian

1. Animal Health Associates 2835 Willamette St. 541-345-1544. aha.vet.

2. Eugene Animal Hospital 1432 Orchard St. 541-342-1178. eugeneanimalhospital.net.

3. Amazon Park Animal Clinic (Jones) 725 E. 25th Ave. 541-485-0161. amazonparkvet.com.


Best Secondhand Shop

1. St Vincent De Paul 555 High St. 541-344-2115; 100 E. 11th Ave. 541-868-0200; 705 S. Seneca Rd. 541-345-8036; 2345 W. Broadway. 541-284-5024; 199 Q St., Spfd. 541-746-7784; 4555 Main St., Spfd. 541-747-5811. Svdp.us

2. Buffalo Exchange 131 E. 5th Ave. 541-687-2805. Buffaloexchange.com.

3. Goodwill 685 E. Broadway. 541-344-1029; 75 Division Ave. 541-984-3020; 1010 Green Acres Rd. 541-343-4332; 1643 Coburg Rd.; 2823 Chad Dr.; 4925 Barger Dr. 541-345-1801; 855 Seneca Rd., bldg. 1. 541-431-3309; 102 30th St., Spfd. 541-741-7177. goodwill.org.

photo: Trask Bedortha



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