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Have Gun, Won't Travel

The Springfield Roughnecks take a grassroots approach to filling in the gaps where government fails

The Springfield Roughnecks (formerly Springfield Redneck Revolt) is a grassroots community defense project made up of working-class folk dedicated to building stronger communities in Springfield and throughout Lane County. This is in response to the recent Weekly article “Antifa,” (10/19) which I feel misrepresented the Springfield Roughnecks by implying that we are an “Antifa” organization.

We are the working class, and we believe that this is a nation of the people, for the people, by the people. It is the working class that built this nation — it belongs to us, and not to the corporations and the corrupt politicians they have bought off.

The Roughnecks do not condone or advocate violence. We will stand against the racism, fascism and corporate corruption that seem to be emboldened by our current political climate. We believe all citizens have the right to defend themselves and the obligation to defend other citizens regardless of their race, religion or politics.

We do this by working to prevent violence and de-escalate volatile situations, while being always ready to stand in defense of others if situations escalate.

The Springfield Roughnecks are not Antifa; we do not engage in what is often referred to as black bloc tactics. We do not wear masks. We do not dox individuals, which is the practice of putting people’s private information online.

As an organization we do not identify ourselves as being on the right or the left, and we ask our members to leave politics at the door and focus on the work of supporting, strengthening and defending our community. We believe that most working folk are tired of the corporate corruption, the racist rhetoric and the lies spread by the corporate media and corrupt politicians.

We stand against all forms of racism and discrimination. Racism is a tool that has been used throughout our history by the rich and the powerful to divide working-class folk and keep us from fulfilling the promise and the ideal that this nation was supposed to be. When working-class folk stay focused on our racial, cultural, religious or political differences, we remain weak, and the rich bankers and CEOs can keep us all fighting over scraps while they make obscene profits off our hard work.

We believe in community defense. For a long time now our local, state and federal governments have been catering to corporations, bankers, and CEOs, while ignoring their responsibility to the working folk who elect them. If our government can’t protect us from the fear-mongers and those who would spread hate and intolerance, it becomes the responsibility of citizens to stand against hate and fear.  

Community defense is also about being able to respond when our community needs us. We are seeing the effects with bigger and more destructive hurricanes, storms, fires, droughts and floods, and we are seeing at the highest levels our government’s inability to respond to these disasters.

We believe that we need to be ready to respond to disasters in our community and not depend on outside aid that may never come.  

The Roughnecks are building an organization in which working folk can engage with people from different backgrounds with the purpose of building stronger communities and pushing back against those who would divide us.

If that’s something you’re interested in, check us out on our Facebook page. We have a pretty simple vetting process, and we are always looking for good people who want to do the hard work of building a better community and taking back our nation for the hard-working folk who built it.