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1+1=Math the Band

Math The Band sounds like how a 12-year-old boy sticking a booger in your face feels — but ... in a good way.  The Rhode Island-based duo play amped-up and hyper-caffeinated power-pop: buzzy synths, punk-y rhythms, shout-along songs about skateboarding and having fun mixing into a sort of ADHD-inducing Nintendo-core that makes the perma-peppy keyboard/drum duo Matt and Kim sound downright gloomy. 

This will either sound fun or annoying depending on your point of view. But part of the charm of this goofy group is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. The duo’s website describes them as “twenty-somethings, who just happen to act like they are 14-year-olds,” and continues, “Some people say our band is terrible; they are not wrong. Some people say we are the best band ever; they are correct.” 

The group has toured with bands like Peelander-Z, MC Chris and king joke-rocker himself, Andrew WK. Live, Justine Manville shouts into the mic, banging a cymbal with one hand and playing keyboards with the other. Kevin Steinhauser, bearded and sporting a white sweatband on his head, attacks his guitar, tearing through songs with titles like “My Algebra Teacher (Sold Heroin).”  Rumor has it Math The Band play with such intensity live that they’ve suffered broken bones.

But the punch line is on the audience, because this group can actually play and at times shows enough heart for the ‘tween in us all to whine, “You just don’t understand, Mom.” In “The Adventures of Brian Townsend,” Manville and Steinhauser exclaim, “This is not a song!” Many might agree. But just as many will knock back a sixer of Mountain Dew, eat an entire pepperoni pizza and enjoy the show anyway.

Math The Band play 9:30 pm Monday, Nov. 26, at Luckey’s; $5. 21+.