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Activist Alert 5-17-2012

• Volunteers are needed for the AIDS Walk at 9 am Saturday, May 19, at Alton Baker Park, sponsored by HIV Alliance. Call 342-5088, ext. 116 or email volccord@hivalliance.org or info@aidswalkeugene.org or visit www.aidswalkeugene.org to register or donate.

• The Whiteaker Community Garage Sale is from 9 am to 3 pm Sunday, May 20, throughout the neighborhood and CALC is one of the groups participating. Call 485-1755 to donate good used items.

• The UO will host a two-day conference on “Indigenous People, Climate Change, and Environmental Knowledge” May 23-24. The conference includes keynote presentations and student research presentations about the impacts of climate change on indigenous and native communities. All events are free. See uoclimateconference.wordpress.com  


Lane Area Spray Schedule

• Keith Lawson of Strata Forestry Inc., (541) 726-0485, plans to backpack spray four acres for Giustina Resources near Noisy Creek in Dexter, T19S R01W Section 23 with Oust, Westar and glyphosate. See ODF notice 2012-771-00320.

• Jason Klemp, (541) 927-3118, plans to ground spray two acres with 2,4-D amine, 2,4-D ester and glyphosate near Highway 36 and Lake Creek at T16S R08W Section 8. See ODF notice 2012-771-00289.

• Jason Klemp plans to ground spray two acres with glyphosate, Arsenal and Garlon on two acres near Horton Road and Lake Creek at T16S R07W Section 2. See ODF notice 2012-771-00275.

• Western Helicopter, (503) 538-9469, has been hired by Roseboro LLC, (541) 746-8411, to aerially apply Velpar, Transline and/or Oust on 97 acres near Swartz Creek and High Pass Road. See ODF notice 2012-781-00297.