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AgesandAges for the Ages

Photo by Alicia J. Rose
Photo by Alicia J. Rose

Writing about live shows in Eugene means you cover a lot of up-and-coming Portland bands, and this is not a bad thing. But since “sorta folkie” is the sound du jour up in P-town, there comes a point when you run out of folk-hyphenates to try and capture the music of Portland into words. And this is where I’m at with AgesandAges. Indie-folk? Folk-pop? Yes, AgesandAges are all these things. But like a lot of Portland bands these days, their stuff is also very now, which, as is often the case, means it’s also very then.

 And by “then” I mean AgesandAges recall a grainy and romantic image of the ‘60s, a time when people harmonized barefoot in a field because they thought it would make a difference. Male and female voices mix, tambourines chime and guitars jingle-jangle (in the morning you’ll go following them). The background image on their website is the band standing in an idyllic Oregon meadow, arms outstretched to the heavens, faces blissful and serene — namaste, my brothers and sisters.

 But what keeps AgesandAges from being overly hokey-folkie is a Beatles-esque pop sensibility on tracks like “No Nostalgia” from their 2011 debut Alright You Restless. The song is propelled along with rootsy handclaps and a funky-commune vibe that’s infectious rather than pastiche, the hippie-soul groove earnest enough to win over the most jaded Portland hipster. In May vocalist Tim Perry told ripcityreview.com: “I definitely like the feed between the band and the audience, and I like that as an audience member and a band member, depending on which side I’m standing. That’s where the magic comes in I think.”

 AgesandAges play with Shay Roselip 8:30 pm Sunday, Sept. 16, at Sam Bond’s

Garage; $5. 21+.