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Annual Event Honors Farmers

What will happen when a natural disaster shuts down our bridges, highways and rail lines and prevents the distribution of food to local stores? “Reality is, every community has about three days food supply available in grocery stores to feed itself,” says Deb McGee, who describes herself as a “Peaceful Valley subsistence farmer” in rural Eugene. “It is also true that 90 percent of what we eat could be grown locally if we chose to eat seasonally.”

In an effort to build local food security, McGee is helping promote the 13th annual That’s My Farmer event from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Tuesday, March 13, at First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St. in Eugene. The theme this year is “Share a Meal During the Hungry Season.”

McGee is inviting the community to “come partake of the seasonal fare available from our local farmers” at event. She says Zenon sous chef Kevin Risinger is collecting food donations from 13 of our local community supported agriculture (CSA) farmers and will create a “divine soup.” Culinary Arts and Hospitality students from LCC will bake and serve fresh rolls made with local grains.

“We will talk, listen, learn, meet farmers and neighbors, sign up for CSAs, win fabulous door prizes: flats of blueberries, pork, eggs, homemade pies, compost, worms,” she says. “We will share the celebration of community in appreciation and wonder for those who know how to produce our food throughout the year.”

All donations at the event will go directly to subsidize CSA food shares for “our neighbors who need good food,” says McGee. “If our local farmers can count on our community to buy their goods year round, including during the ‘hungry season,’ then we can count on our farmers to produce safe, delicious, fresh and nutritious food year round for us!”

For more information, call Patty Hine at 343-5091.