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Belting it Out

Pretend for a moment that you’re trapped in a bad trip and the only thing you can hear is the cyclical recycling of washed-out psychedelia diluted through decades of designer drugs and synthesizers. The drippy glitches and wobbles are nauseating auditory distractions from a starscape of potential sound. So you listen up, and the points come together as Orion belts you back into a more organic, funk-in-the-trunk era without making you feel like you’ve already come down.

The three musicians holding Orion in place are Cory Howie (bass, guitar and vocals), Aaron Eells (guitar and bass) and Peter Wells, drumming jazz and hip hop into the cold blues and progressive-melodies. Howie and Eells, having played together since high school in Gold Beach, Ore., united with Wells three years ago to form the current incarnation. Now, after a series of booze-fueled runs at the Black(out) Forest, Orion is set to release its eponymous first record.

Recorded in Eugene at Telos Studios and mastered at Unc D Studios in Portland, Orion is a rich album that traverses the astral plane and plunges into the rabbit hole. “The Outside” is a loud, raucous, funk-driven blast-off, while “Bob Saget in Space (Part IX)” is a trippy, goofy cool-down before you set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Orion plays with Full Lush and Stein 9 pm Saturday, May 5, at Sam Bond’s; $5.