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Buck The Movie In Person

If you want to see modern-day “horse whisperer” Buck Brannaman help horses with people problems, then head up to Corvallis July 6-9 for a four-day horsemanship clinic. Brannaman, long known in the equine community for his way with horses, came to greater fame last year when the documentary movie Buck about his life and work was released to critical acclaim. 

 Brannaman doesn’t break horses, he “starts” them, using an understanding of the animal’s perspective that comes from the violence that was in his own life. He learned his craft from Oregon’s own Tom Dorrance and from Dorrance’s student Ray Hunt, who first popularized this “natural horsemanship” type of training. Brannaman learned to understand the horses, and their fears, not only from these earlier trainers but also thanks to an abusive father who beat him and his brother until they were taken away by the local sheriff and put into foster care.

The documentary Buck, which played at Bijou Art Cinemas last August, is now available on DVD.

The horsemanship clinic, with Buck Brannaman and horses from Eugene and around Oregon, will be at the Benton County Fairgrounds. The clinic isn’t taking any more participants, but spectators are welcome. For more information email douganddeanna@doublephorsemanship.com or call 466-5989 or go to brannaman.com