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Club Arena Reunion

Long before Cowfish, SNAFU or John Henry’s Glam Nights, there was Club Arena. Located beneath Perry’s on Pearl (now Diablo’s), the Arena was the “Studio 54 of Eugene” in the ‘80s and ‘90s and one of the first venues in the city to cater to a LGBT clientele. Prince, Whitney Houston and Nine Inch Nails tunes rocked the non-stop dance party and Sunday nights were home to the famous “Crisco Disco” drag show. On Saturday we can relive the party at the Arena’s first-ever reunion, where DJs Jon Smith and Coco Rawlings will dust off their vinyl records (for real, there will be no laptops or MP3 players) and revive Eugene’s former dance capital for one hot night. The Club Arena Reunion takes place 8pm Saturday, Sept. 22, at Diablo’s Downtown Lounge; 21+.