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Darius Rucker

For Gen X music fans, Hootie and the Blowfish is a group whose music you were used to hearing on the radio, back in the days when bands like Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and Alice in Chains played constantly on the air. Ever find yourself asking what happened to those days? Or, perhaps, what happened to Hootie (aka Darius Rucker)? 

A standout in his genre of country music, both because of his initial pop background and his being one of the first Afro-American country singers to win the Country Music Association’s New Artists of the Year award, Rucker has transitioned into the realm of solo musicianship after the Blowfish pumped out five killer studio albums and burned up Billboard charts. Since then, Rucker has released two solo albums, the most recent of which, Charleston, SC 1966 (named after his hometown and the year he was born), proves without a doubt that the man is a force to be reckoned with. Check out the song “I Don’t Care,” a duet with Brad Paisley, if you need further convincing.

You can catch Rucker gigging Wednesday, March 21, at Matthew Knight Arena with Lady Antebellum. It’s a show that’s sure to be packed, so get after tickets pronto.