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Drop It Like It’s Hot (Potato Style)

This summer just got steamy, a welcome change from our usual rainy cloud-covered setting. And trendsetter

Nicky Da B is about to turn up the heat. If you don’t love sizzling, bass-thumping dance parties, then this isn’t the type of show you want to go near. But if you’re a dance floor diva, a fiesta fiend or a connoisseur of crunk, then Nicky Da B might be your newfound patron saint. 

Take the electricity of dancehall reggae, the bouncing vibe of Southern hip hop and the pounding drums of dubstep, mix it with an emcee who can dance, scat like a jazzman and hype the crowd like a rock star — this is what you are in for at a Nicky Da B show. 

After meeting up with iconic Philadelphia-based producer Diplo and crafting his breakout single “Express Yourself,” Nicky Da B has been busting out songs at warp speed and blowing up dance floors in the South. And now that he’s taking his Southern bounce style on the road, bringing the party to the people is Nicky Da B’s top priority. The party is coming to Eugene — brace yourself. 

You will need stamina, you will need to be properly hydrated, you may even need to call up those friends of yours who are so wild you can only handle them in small doses. A Nicky Da B show is that type of affair. There will be booty shaking, bass blasting and dance choreography the likes of which you have never seen before — so party safe and get low with it.

Nicky Da B plays with Rusty Lazer 9:30 pm Thursday, Aug. 23, at Cowfish, 62 W. Broadway; $5.