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Electronic Elegance

Talkdemonic comes to Eugene.

For those who fiend for the authenticity of Portland’s indie-art aesthetic, the idiosyncrasy of the power duo and the elegance of a classical stringed instrument, Talkdemonic (pictured) is your Homeric lotus fruit, your Coleridgean Xanadu — with Lisa Molinaro on viola and Kevin O’Connor on drums, loops and laptop (and the occasional avant-banjo thrown in), Talkdemonic comes to Eugene as a complete package. The duo stands outside of genre tags — even its own — which it seems to transcend every few years or so, bouncing from hip-hop project to “folktronic hop” to what’s become a post-rock montage of digital soundscapes and emotive string bending. 

With avant-garde classical musicians abounding just about everywhere, not to mention their proliferation here on the West Coast, there has been a dramatic increase in the versatility of classical instruments on stage and seemingly infinite creative options in the studio. Talkdemonic innovates with a patently Portland flair. Torrents of cymbals crash into the calmed, soothed draw of the viola, reminiscent of a more organic, less sampled Album Leaf. The group’s song structure retains elements of post-rock, but is all the more concise with songs that rarely reach four minutes in length. Talkdemonic is certainly ripe for another night at Sam Bond’s, but Molinaro might have to break out her chicken fiddle instead of her viola, and O’Connor will probably ratchet up the twang on that banjo. 

Talkdemonic plays with Growwler and Ferns 9:30 pm Friday, Feb. 24, at Sam Bond’s; $8.