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Electronic Gypsy-Hop

Beats Antique

Beats Antique is a band that tills the grains of dance with sounds sifting seamlessly through Eastern strings, hip-hop drums and West Coast electronica.

Since forming Beats Antique in San Francisco in 2007, David Satori, Tommy Cappel and Zoe Jakes have discovered a niche in their audience of burners, learners and festival-heads. Both Satori and Cappel are classically trained musicians steeped in global jazz, blues, folk and beats from West Africa to Serbia, from Bali to the Bay. Jakes, a world-renowned belly-ballet-tipsy-gypsy dancer, adds an elegant and spicy element to this triumvirate.


Produced with live and digital synthstruments, Beats Antique’s 2011 release Elektrafone is an album of escalated algorithms. Blended, suspended and rendered to eclection, tracks like “Alto” swagger through glitchy streets and pumpy breaks, while songs like “The Porch” integrate plucky acoustic strings, horns and tambourines into the clown-fun medley of beat-blues and rocking-chair stomp.


Impressive festival chops and dirty passports fuel these performers’ unique fusion of bop and collage, paste and smear. Live instrumentation, samples, rich tympanic percussion and belly dancing define the group’s onstage presentation. Beats Antique is a dance-trance carriage drawn by mechanical bulls — buy the ticket and take the ride — dancing shoes mandatory, blinking gloves optional. 


Beats Antique plays 8 pm Wednesday, Jan. 25, at the McDonald Theatre; $20 adv., $25 door.