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God is a Fish

Lord Leebrick Theatre is once again encouraging aspiring writers to get their scribble on with Northwest Ten, a festival of 10-minute plays. This year’s theme, Writing On The Wall, implies broken rules and unexpected insights. Among the truths revealed this time around: God is a fish, frat boys make really creepy trees and pink glitter brings out the blood splatters in a protest sign.

Ari Chadwick-Saund garners laughs with Picketing for Pros, where Jorah LaFleur plays an enthusiastic protester to Darlene Morton’s serenely religious anti-abortionist, and enough quirky twists exist to make light of the play’s serious setting. Mary Gen Fjelstad’s Inner Tube examines the pain and promise of a divine calling — even if the calling is to be an inner tube.  

The standout play of the evening is Lunker by Kato Buss. This modern fishing-aficionado take on the disturbing biblical story of Abraham and Isaac features a nice mix of music and projections, and is solidly played out by an able cast.

In any festival of 10-minute plays, there are bound to be vignettes that fall flat for one audience member or another. There are themes I don’t care for in some productions, and a touch of laissez-faire casting in others. But any play I’m not crazy about only lasts ten minutes, and it all leaves audiences with ample topics to discuss over their post-show drinks.

Northwest Ten: Writing On The Wall runs at Lord Leebrick theater through April 22; dates, times & further info at lordleebrick.com