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Hot for Chocolate

A warm cuppa Eugene

A perfect gift for a family Christmas morning, carolers shivering on your porch or friends and neighbors who love to drop by during the holidays, hot cocoa is an American holiday staple.

This year when handing out a cup, remember that there are ways to keep it local, from froth to dredges.

Eugene mainstay Euphoria Chocolates has many choices  when it comes to cocoas, as well as dozens of recipes on the website (euphoriachocolate.com). If powdered cocoa isn’t your thing, the Europeans have brought us drinking chocolate ‒ basically a chocolate bar meant for melting, then sipping. Sipping Dreams, right here in our cozy town, provides a variety of flavors and is available at Capella, Market of Choice and other local grocers. For mixing, a generous mug of milk from Lochmede Dairy — available at any Dari Mart — is the perfect base. And no cocoa is complete without the marshmallows. Take your treat to gourmet levels with a handmade marshmallow from Noisette Patisserie. 

Be certain there are more than these few sources for local treats this holiday season, but here’s hoping we’ve given you some cocoa for thought in your gift and beverage planning for the colder months.


Holiday wishes candy cane dreams cocoa from Euphoria Chocolates

Handmade marshmallows from Noisette Patisserie 

European-style drinking chocolate from Sipping Dreams

Hammond’s handmade twist lollipop (technically made in Colorado, but seriously the most local peppermint twist we could find) from the Kiva

2 percent Milk from Lochmede Dairy