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Joyful Jamming

If Eugene had a soundtrack, it would, without a doubt, include a song or two from the up-and-coming band Blue Lotus. This local jam group and its eclectic sound can be attributed to six diverse musicians, including 16-year-old guitarist Felix Blades. Blue Lotus is jazzy, bluesy and funky, but when asked how the band classifies its sound, the members are hesitant to respond. “We try not to pigeonhole ourselves into a genre because it’s limiting to a whole bunch of people that would really enjoy our music,” founding member Brandelyn Rose says.

With a combination of raw talent, a love of music and a desire to bring joy to all who listen, Blue Lotus is irrefutably festive.

“All the songs are positive, some people might say weird at times, but it’s wholesome music,” keyboardist Ron Puso says. 

“By the end of the night if we have moved one person to feel a little better, then we’ve done our job,” Blades says. 

Showcasing the band’s recording chops and containing some radio-friendly tracks, Blue Lotus’ eponymous debut album contains both live and studio recorded material. “It includes all of our key elements,” Blades says of the album. 

Blue Lotus possesses a fiery chemistry, and its music is contagious. Be warned: There’s a good chance that going to a Blue Lotus show will have you dancing barefoot, with beer.

Blue Lotus plays 6 pm Friday, June 29, at the Ninkasi Tasting Room; FREE.