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Keepin’ it Janxta

Sure, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band has more chops than a Cajun kitchen, and its 35-year funk span is like aged hot pepper sauce to the uninitiated. It’s no secret that Eugene loves this group, having hosted them most recently as the headliners for the 2011 Eugene Celebration. But in addition to the Dirty Dozen, another spicy deal Monday night is the opening act: Pimps of Joytime (PJT)

Pushing its new style of “janxta funk,” these Pimps hawk audiophillic tunes with backhanded breakdowns. Formed in 2005 by bandleader Brian J, the Brooklyn-based PJT fuses elements of rock ‘n’ roll, afro-beat, salsa and electronica into a swaggering braggadocio of dance-driven music that sounds like an armada of groove sharks swimming upriver toward a prosperous scene of exotic tryst. But it’s really just three people possessing instruments and lungfuls of croon, creating noise that shakes your moneymaker.

Cruising on a national tour in support of Janxta Funk!, the group’s most recent release on boutique label Wonderwheel Recordings, Pimps of Joytime is poised to bring a party to WOW Hall. Cuts like “Thas the Way We Do” and “Keep That Music Playin’” exhibit the honed, honey-drippin’, high-steppin’, soul-wailin’ funk eclecticism of PJT. And whatever Joytime might be, it sounds like a magic land (or hour) of sweat, sex and funk, where the pimps keep it janxta and the sonic tricks don’t stop.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Pimps of Joytime play 8 pm Monday, Aug. 3, at WOW Hall, 291 W. 8th Ave.; $22 adv.; $25 door.