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Keeping Downtown Liveable

An open letter to the Eugene mayor and councilors

This letter is in response to the April 19 letter from John Vawter of Capstone to Diane Chavez, the Olive Plaza administrator.

Neither the Olive Plaza tenants nor their management believe the actions listed in John Vawter's letter are adequately responsive to our concerns regarding construction noise and dust, tenant noise, parking, and management of the apartment complex. The actions proposed in this letter would not be adequate to protect the health and livability of members of the Olive Plaza community. Without the assurance of adequate protections, we strongly oppose City Council granting millions of dollars in benefits to the project's investors while leaving our community to suffer the financial and human costs of the project's impacts.

We believe the following actions would be a reasonable approach to protecting our community members.

Construction noise

Noise generated by demolition, construction or repair of buildings, streets, etc. associated with the Capstone development, including all uses listed under Eugene Code 6.750, as measured at any exterior location on the Olive Plaza building, should not exceed the standards under Eugene Code 9.2530(20), except that the exemption in subsection (20)(e)6 should apply only from 8:30 am to 6 pm on weekdays (Monday through Friday) and from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.

No construction at all should occur on Sundays and state and federal holidays.

Construction air quality

Particulate matter, as measured at any exterior location on the Olive Plaza building, should not exceed the World Health Organization Air Quality Guidelinesî(AQG) for particulate matter.

Equipment and installation for up to 20 air conditioners/air filters/humidifiers should be provided for Olive Plaza units in which the residents have diagnosed respiratory illness or clinical deficiency.

Tenant Noise

Subsequent to receiving a certificate of occupancy, all noise generated by uses and activities (not just from sound producing, amplifying or reproducing equipment) on the Capstone development site should be covered by Eugene Code 4.083(a).


At least 35 parking spaces should be made available for lease by Olive Plaza tenants or management at rates no greater than 1.25 times the average rate for tenants of the Capstone development.

Apartment management

Prior to issuance of a final occupancy permit for the Capstone development, the owner should be required to receive approval by City Council for a management plan that addresses facility features (such as video monitoring and access security), personnel (including positions, responsibilities and minimum qualifications), lease terms and a manual describing management practices. This plan should be binding on Capstone and any future owner until a revised or new plan is approved by City Council.

We appreciate your consideration of our request.