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Landing Party

Portland’s Lost Lander produced some funny YouTube clips to promote its last Kickstarter campaign. Go watch,  I’ll wait … Okay, I told you they’re funny. But these clips are painfully smart and a little sad. The schmarmy faux-telethon spoof (callers are standing by, only you can help fund our next record) is the future of music. 

The internet, once ballyhooed as freeing artists from constraints of commercial concerns, has instead left them standing on a street corner with a cardboard sign reading: “Will record music for food.” 

The YouTube satire proves Lost Lander isn’t your average indie band. And while Portland is one of the hippest places on the planet right now, the problem with being “in” is that one day you’ll be “out,” and Portland’s rock scene is showing signs of stagnation. The Decemberists are graying at the temples, Blitzen Trapper sounds like dad-rock and the Dandy Warhols long ago descended into their Odditorium. So what’s next? It might be Lost Lander.

Lost Lander’s 2012 release DRRT is literate and bittersweet indie-pop with synthy new-wave flourishes. Vocalist and songwriter Matt Sheehy (who bills himself as a singer/forester — how Oregonian is that?) sings in a reedy tenor recalling James Mercer of the Shins. Much of DRRT came about in remote locations on the Oregon coast, and the recording sounds like overcast with great waves cresting onto rocks. Inevitably, DRRT will end up on best-of lists, and it deserves to. Lost Lander deserves to be listened to, particularly live.

Lost Lander plays with The Golden Motors 9 pm Thursday, June 28, at Cozmic; $6 adv., $8 door.