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Lane Area Spray Schedule 3-15-2012

Weyerhaeuser (744-4684) plans ground and aerial spraying on at least 753 acres in areas including Mohawk River tributaries, Ritchie Creek on the McKenzie at Leaburg, Crow Creek, Farman Creek, Kelly Creek, Horton, Lorane, Michaels Creek and Owens Creek. Spraying will be of 2,4-D, Accord Concentrate, Arsenal Applicators Concentrate, Atrazine 4L, Atrazine 90 WSP, Chopper, Clean Slate, Clopyralid, Foresters, Garlon 3A, Garlon 4, Garlon XRT, Glyphosate, Hardball, Hexazinone, LV6, Oust, Oust Extra, Oust XP, Rodeo, Sulfomet Extra, Sulfomet XP, Sulfometuron Methyl, Tahoe 3A, Tahoe 4E, Transline, Velossa, Velpar DF, Velpar L and/or Westar with additives including Activator 90, Induce, Librerate, Mor-Act and MSO. See ODF notices for chemicals and areas being sprayed. 2012-771-00211, 2012-771-00234, 2012-781-00129, 2012-781-00149, 2012-781-00150.

Compiled by Jan Wroncy, Forestland Dwellers: 342-8332, www.forestlanddwellers.org